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Emmerdale viewers recognise CBeebies star as Dawn’s social worker

Did you spot her?

Dawn Taylor had her life scrutinised by a social worker in Emmerdale last night, and some mums and dads watching immediately recognised the visitor.

On Tuesday (January 7), recovering drug addict Dawn met up with a social worker to discuss care of her estranged son Lucas.

Katrina Bryan appeared as a social worker in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Dawn has had a rough year after her son was taken away from her after her struggle with drugs.

Last night saw Dawn asking her son Lucas if he wanted to move back in with his mummy, but the reunion was jeopardised by Will’s recent robbery of the church.

I had to suffer her for years and now she back to haunt me on my fave soap.

Those watching from home noticed that Dawn’s visitor looked very familiar indeed… The actress Katrina Bryan is more famous for paying Nina in CBeebies show Nina and the Neurons.

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Addressing fans, actress Katrina tweeted: “Popped into #Emmerdale recently and it’s on the telly tonight! I was filming again today funnily enough. Just a few eps as social worker Eloise. Fun fact: everyone in Emmerdale is LOVELY!”

Viewers also convened on social media to comment on her appearance, with some happier than others to be reminded of the scientific children’s show.

One wrote: “It’s her isn’t it? Why would you do this to me? I had to suffer her for years and now she’s back to haunt me on my fave soap.

“It’s Nina from Nina and the Neurons. Please make her go away  Dawn’s social worker must go! I feel like I can’t breathe.”


Another said: “OMG Nina and the Neurons in Emmerdale. Yaaaaay.”

A third added: “Special Nina episode of @emmerdale tonight. Hopefully getting the villagers sporty after an eventful Christmas. @CBeebiesHQ.”

“Is the social worker Nina from Nina and the Neurons and Alice from Molly and Mack on @CBeebiesHQ?” asked one more, and another said: “What’s Nina from Nina and the Neurons doing in Emmerdale?”

The actress is a long-standing member of the CBeebies team, and has played Nina ever since 2007.

Nina and the Neurons
Nina and the Neurons has entertained kids ever since 2007 (Credit: CBeebies)

She also stars as Alice in Molly and Mack, but has also starred in primetime dramas including Taggart.

Well spotted, fact searchers!

Last year, eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers recognised Harriet’s police officer friend from popular CBBC show Tracy Beaker.

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