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Monday 17th February 2020

Emmerdale viewers question missing engagement ring in Sharma Factory fire

Amy and Kerry accidentally started the fire

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers have questioned where the missing engagement ring has gone in the Sharma factory fire.

The factory was accidentally set alight by Kerry and Amy Wyatt, and Frank Clayton lost his life in the blaze.

Over the past couple of days, police have been exploring every avenue, trying to figure out how the fire started.

As Kerry was pulled in for questioning on Tuesday (August 6), she gave the police her story but ended up contradicting herself when the police asked how she knew Tracy was in the factory.

Kerry lied to the police (Credit: ITV)

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Kerry told them she saw Tracy go into the factory on the way back from getting insulin from Eric's.

She lied saying she saw Frank on the road as they went back into the village and told Frank that Tracy was looking for him.

A question, why didn't they find the ring in Frank's clothes?

She then took her lies even further telling police that Frank seemed scared when she told him Tracy was in the factory because he must've known what Tracy was walking into.

She then flat out accused Frank of robbing the place, messing with the CCTV and setting it on fire, knowing she and Amy were the ones responsible.

Police and villagers are starting to believe the blaze was caused by Frank to get revenge on Jai, who had sacked him on the day of the fire.

In reality, Frank was in the factory to retrieve an engagement ring he'd bought for girlfriend Megan Macey that was in his locker.

Now,  viewers have one major question: what happened to that engagement ring?

Entertainment Daily readers have also questioned this. One wrote: "A question, why didn't they find the ring in Frank's clothes?"

Another said: "Yes - where is the engagement ring?"

The engagement ring could prove Frank's innocence as it would explain why he went into the factory.

But of course, Kerry doesn't really want him exhonerated as she's the one who started the fire!

Last week, Kerry came up with the idea to disable the factory fire alarm in order to steal the charity money for the children's hospital from the safe.

As Amy and Kerry went to return the money, Amy decided to keep it to pay off her debts and destroyed the CCTV footage so there was no proof Kerry took the cash.

Kerry and Amy destroyed the CCTV footage which started the fire (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

As they damaged the footage, Tracy entered the factory to meet up with Billy and while she waited in a cupboard a fire started - caused by the CCTV damage.

When Frank returned to get his engagement ring he heard a noise.

He soon realised his daughter Tracy was trapped in the cupboard and tried to get her out.

As Billy later went by the factory he saw smoke, called the fire brigade and alerted the Sharmas.

Tracy was trapped in the factory as the fire stated (Credit: ITV)

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Frank soon managed to get the cupboard door open to save his daughter. Tracy got out, but Frank went back in to retrieve the ring.

Unfortunately, as Frank left the factory and it looked like everyone had survived, an explosion went off throwing Frank against a van.

Despite paramedics trying to save his life, Frank was pronounced dead leaving his daughters, Tracy and Vanessa, and his girlfriend Megan, devastated.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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