Emmerdale viewers left in tears by heartbreaking puppy farm scenes

But fans praised the show for addressing the issue of dog abuse

Emmerdale fans were overwhelmed with emotion as the Dingles encountered distressed dogs in a puppy farm during last nights episode of the ITV soap.

Viewers found scenes of whining puppies straining to get under a barn door so upsetting to watch they tweeted about not wanting to watch the show at all.

The shocking discovery was made as Zak Dingle, Sam Dingle and Lydia Hart as they tried to rescue Monty the dog from his abusive owner.

Having tracked flea-ridden and starving Monty – tied up with rope – down to a farm, the Dingles looked to have accomplished their mission of mercy.

What a good boy! Monty we mean, not Zak (Credit: ITV)

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But they were soon distracted by the sound of whimpering – and quickly noticed pooches struggling to escape the barn.

And after Lydia freed one by opening the barn’s door, it became clear Monty’s owner was a puppy farmer.

Noting the next shed along also contained scores of wailing pups, Sam said: “There’s more here. Dalmatians, hundreds of them.”

“One hundred and one,” Lydia quipped.

The Dingles found barns full of Dalmatians (Credit: ITV)

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Fans were as stunned as Zak by the find, expressing their upset on social media.

Others, however, praised the show for addressing the issue of puppy farming.

Zak’s reunion with Monty was sadly only a brief one as he wasn’t allowed to take Monty back to Wishing Well Cottage.

Having notified the police, the pups and Monty were all taken away from the breeder for new lives.

Zak was stunned by the discovery (Credit: ITV)

– Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays

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