Emmerdale viewers horrified for Jacob over Maya sex scene

The grooming plot is disgusting soap fans

Emmerdale fans were disgusted and revolted last night, when grooming teacher Maya Stepney committed her latest vile act.

On Thursday (20 December), ITV viewers saw Maya looked HAPPY when her student Jacob Gallagher walked in on her having sex with his dad David Metcalfe.

Maya and David caught having sex
Maya and David were caught having sex – but she looked pleased! (Credit: ITV)

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While David looked flustered and apologetic, Maya appeared to smirk and looked secretly pleased that her grooming victim had found her naked.

Viewers know that 15-year-old Jacob has a crush on the older woman, and she has done nothing to dampen his crush.

Quite the opposite, in fact; she’s actively encouraged it and the pair have even shared several kisses.

Jacob catches Maya and David having sex
Jacob was jealous and upset to see Maya having sex with his dad (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday, the schoolboy found his dad and Maya semi-dressed and getting frisky behind the sofa…

When he walked in, David quickly grabbed a cushion to hide his crown jewels.

He blurted out: “Busted. Sorry mate, I didn’t think that you would be back for ages.”

However, Maya bit her lip and seemed to smile.

Maya caught having sex with David
Did Maya enjoy being ‘surprised’ by teenager Jacob? (Credit: ITV)

Fans were horrified by her reaction, with one saying: “Maya was secretly pleased Jacob walked in – wanted to make him jealous.”

Another said: “Oh David saucy! Maya manipulating every moment!”

Others felt “sick” and called Maya a “monster” and a “manipulative, nasty piece of work”.

Some were even concerned for Jacob’s wellbeing, saying: “#Emmerdale omg she could drive jacob to suicide at this rate.”

Earlier this week, Emmerdale fans were further grossed out by Maya when she continued to groom the teen by emotionally blackmailing him and blaming him for the whole affair.

In uncomfortable scenes, Maya turned nasty when she found out Jacob had confided in Ellis about his feelings for an older woman.

Although he didn’t name her, Maya was afraid of being caught and told Jacob: “What possessed you Jacob? I thought you were special, mature, but I was wrong. You are just a stupid needy little boy.”

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