Actress Claire King has revealed Kim’s evil henchman Vincent will return with her when she comes back in six months.

Emmerdale viewers express anger about Kim Tate’s comeback

Many don't want the scheming witch back!

Kim Tate is making her way back to Emmerdale soon and she will not be welcomed with open arms by many in the village.

It turns out there aren’t too many viewers looking forward to her return either.

Many soap fans across various social media platforms have expressed their horror about her comeback.

One wrote on the Digital Spy soap forum: “I honestly can’t stand the character! I love Emmerdale but the return of Kim could honestly make me turn off the TV.

“I can’t be the only person who feels this way?”

Emmerdale SPOILER: Kim Tate's evil henchman Vincent to arrive
Kim’s not a popular woman! (Credit: ITV)

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A fellow viewer replied: “I didn’t think much to her in her original stint and that didn’t change upon her return. I too am dreading her coming back.

“I would rather see Graham being the owner of Home Farm and Kim never mentioned again.

A third agreed: “I thought the return with all its hype fell flat and she was such a pantomime villain she almost outdid Faith Dingle.

“So I am dreading the return but comfort myself with the thoughts that I can fast-forward through anything I don’t care about.”

Will Kim return with company? (Credit: ITV)

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Lots of Entertainment Daily readers are in agreement, sharing their thoughts after we revealed that Kim could be returning with her son James.

Lorna wrote: “Don’t bring her back for long, the programme is better for not having her in it.”

Sam added: “You seriously need to start listening to the viewers, nobody wants her to come back.”


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