Emmerdale viewers emotional as Faith reveals her scars to Eric

She was finally ready to let a man close

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Emmerdale fans were left in love with Eric Pollard after his tender loving care with Faith Dingle in tonight’s show.

As Faith decided to end things with Rodney and lay her heart on the line to Pollard, he finally opened up to her to – and it had viewers coming over all emotional.

After asking him carefully about his love for Val, Faith revealed that her partner has passed away before she’d had her double mastectomy and therefore no man had ever seen her scars.

Faith opened up about her scars (Credit: ITV)

“I suppose that’s why I’m slightly desperate to get the big moment over with,” she explained.

“Flirting with Rishi and Rodney when I really wanted it to be with you because when you’re not showing off with your cronies, you genuinely seem to like me and I don’t have to tone down or be something I’m not. You make me feel really special.”

To which Eric replied: “You are special. You bring colour back to my very existence.” Aw, you guys!

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Pollard and Faith shared tender moments (Credit: ITV)

Later, as Faith lit candles and Eric came in with wine, he asked her if she was sure and she told him she was as she slowly took off her bra for him to see her.

“Beautiful,” he told her before they kissed.

It was a lovely moment and exactly what Faith needed to hear to boost her confidence.

Faith bared her soul (Credit: ITV)

And it seems they certainly enjoyed their time together as they were next seen getting dressed. Eric continued to be the old romantic as he said:

“I’ve never felt this way with anyone, except…”

“And you are the most gentle passionate man,” Faith returned the compliment. Forget all the young romantics out there, these two are #couplegoals right now!

Viewers were enraptured, praising the writers for such a touching scene.

They enjoyed a morning of passion (Credit: ITV)

Let’s none of us get too excited though, as things might be about to take a sour turn with the Dingles discovering the council are building a new road to the golf course directly through their land.

Just as Pollard and Faith were emerging from their morning of passion, Zak was vowing to not let anyone knock down his house as a guilty Pollard – who paid off his old mate to avoid the road going through his own house – looked on.

Pollard is going to be in trouble with the Dingles (Credit: ITV)

Could he and Faith be over before they’ve begun?

Elsewhere, Victoria the baby botherer was making her way around all the babies in the village.

Victoria couldn’t help herself around babies (Credit: ITV)

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Firstly, she was cooing over new nephew Sebastian – whose mother Rebecca is looking extremely glamorous for someone who gave birth a matter of days ago.

Then she was wanting to spend more time with Moira’s son Isaac, while gushing that with her adoption meeting coming up, she would be a mum soon too.

“I don’t want to see you disappointed,” Moira cautioned, knowing Adam is in the middle of a police investigation and it might hurt their chances.

Victoria replied: “Me neither, especially now Sebastian’s here, cute baby overload.”

Is she going to have her heart broken all over again?

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