Emmerdale viewers divided as Cain Dingle throws wife Moira out of her own home

Moira had an affair

Viewers of Emmerdale have been left divided as Cain Dingle threw his wife Moira out of her own home.

Over the summer Moira had an affair with the farm’s newest employee Nate Robinson.

A couple of weeks ago, Cain found out about the affair and during the explosive showdown, Nate revealed he was Cain’s son.

Moira and Nate were having an affair (Credit: ITV)

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Since the affair was revealed, Cain decided to go on a camping trip with former flame Amy, their son Kyle and Cain’s son with Moira, Isaac.

I’m not sticking up for Moira, but it is her farm, isn’t it?

Before he left he made clear to Moira’s nephew Pete that he wanted them both to move out of the farm, but Pete refused as he had a share in the farm.

When Cain returned from his trip in Friday’s episode (November 1 2019) he told Moira he was moving back in but he wanted her to move out.

Cain demanded Moira moved out (Credit: ITV Hub)

Later at the farm, he was confused as to why she was still there, but she said she wasn’t going anywhere.

She suggested to her husband they could have separate rooms and still live together as a family.

However Cain didn’t want to live with her anymore and he told Moira if she thought anything of her children she would leave without a fuss, which she eventually did.

Viewers were left divided over Moira leaving the farm as she technically owns it.

Some were questioning how Cain could throw Moira out of her own property and even called him a bully for doing so.

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Whilst others were glad Cain chucked her out and have no sympathy for Moira whatsoever.

Fans of the show know Moira moved into Butlers farm in 2009 with her husband at the time, John Barton, and their three children, Adam, Holly and Hannah, who is now known as Matty.

Moira owns the property and owns a majority of the farm with Ross and Pete Barton having a small percentage of shares.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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