Emmerdale viewers disgusted as Kerry and Amy continue life as normal

Tracy, Vanessa and Charity all know they started the fire that killed Frank

Viewers of Emmerdale are sickened that Kerry and Amy Wyatt have been continuing life as normal after a dramatic couple of weeks.

Back in August, Kerry and Amy accidentally started the fire at the Sharma & Sharma factory.

The blaze resulted in the death of Tracy and Vanessa’s dad Frank Clayton.

Frank died in the Sharma & Sharma factory fire (Credit: ITV)

However, because Frank previously worked for the factory and had been sacked the day the fire broke out, villagers began to believe he was the one who started it to get revenge on Jai.

After the fire, Kerry and Amy tried to keep what they had done a secret but a couple of weeks ago, Tracy began to question Kerry when she found her passport and unused flight tickets in her bedroom.

Tracy started to become suspicious of Kerry’s behaviour (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

Kerry confessed to what she had done but tried to keep Amy’s name out of it.

However when Kerry and Amy locked Tracy in Tug Ghyll cottage to stop her going to the police, she escaped and ended up knocking over Kerry.

Kerry fell, hitting her head on a rock and was taken to hospital.

When Kerry was unconscious, Amy threatened to tell the police how Kerry really sustained her injuries if Tracy went to the police about the fire.

Kerry hit her head on a rock (Credit: ITV)

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Sick of hearing everyone sing Kerry’s praises, Tracy decided to hand Kerry and Amy into the police and visited her in hospital to tell her the news.

Amy and Kerry in the pub like they’ve done nothing.

But when she heard teenager Amelia talk about how she was scared of losing Kerry, who is the closest person to a mum she’s got, Tracy changed her mind and decided not to go to the police.

Tracy chose not to go to the police (Credit: ITV hub)

Her decision not to hand in the mother and daughter infuriated Vanessa who confronted Kerry, but she ended up getting arrested herself for assaulting a nurse.

However, in last night’s episode (October 15 2019) Kerry and Amy were in the cafe and didn’t appear to be talking about the events over the past few weeks.

Kerry and Amy appear to be very relaxed (Credit: ITV hub)

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Viewers were left disgusted at how they went about in village as if nothing happened.

It remains to be seen whether Kerry and Amy will eventually be caught out, but for now it seems things have been wrapped up…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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