Emmerdale SPOILERS: Priya finds Graham’s frost-covered body

Graham's fate is revealed

There’s horror in Emmerdale next week when an unsuspecting Priya Sharma discovers Graham Foster’s lifeless body.

The drama picks up after Graham’s killer has been unmasked, but while viewers will know who got the ultimate revenge on the suit-wearing businessman, village residents will have no idea he is even missing.

Priya and Billy make a gruesome discovery next week (Credit: ITV)

While Billy and Priya are out searching a wooded area for Tip, they are left confused when they see an abandoned and damaged vehicle from the Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits centre parked haphazardly across a bridge.

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Soon the pair are starting to realise something isn’t right, but it is only when Billy points out that perhaps they should find whatever the car hit that Priya knows something sinister has happened.

Little do they know, they’re about to unearth the body of Graham, who has been killed in a vicious attack and left in the elements over night.

Eastenders Graham Foster killed revealed
News of Graham’s demise travels fast, but who killed him? (Credit: ITV)

As the pair approach a tunnel, Priya points out that she can see something slumped on the floor in the distance, but it is only as they edge closer that they realise it is a body.

Soon Priya understands she is looking at the lifeless and frost-covered body of Graham and her world spins out of control as she realises what this means for Rhona Goskirk.

Rhona is floored by the news Graham is dead (Credit: ITV)

The police are quickly called and waste no time in turning up, but as DI Dent and DS Ward question Priya over her findings, she awkwardly recalls Marlon and Graham’s huge argument the previous day.

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As the news sinks in, it doesnt take long for the rest of the village to find out what has happened, and the police are soon knocking on Rhona’s door with the news of Graham’s demise.

The shock of Graham’s death is made worse when the police reveal that it could be murder (Credit: ITV)

Unaware of what is unfolding in the woods, Rhona has been desperately trying to track Graham down and getting more and more worried when he fails to answer his phone.

But soon a knock on her door confirms her worst nightmare and she is told that Graham has been found dead.

However, just when Rhona thinks things can’t get any worse, her world comes crashing down when the authorities reveal they have reason to believe that his death isn’t entirely innocent and that someone may have murdered him.

Rhona tries to work out who killed Graham, but will she figure it out? (Credit: ITV)

Numb with shock, Rhona is forced to remember Graham’s last movements and tell the police everything that she knows, but will she work out who killed her boyfriend?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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