Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kim reveals the DNA test results as Andrea loses her baby?

Millie may not be Jamie's daughter

It looks like there could be heartbreak in next week’s Emmerdale as Kim gets the results of the DNA test revealing who Millie’s real dad is.

Kim is in hot pursuit of Andrea and it’s not long before Jamie notices that something odd is going on.

Later, Kim makes her way to the salon desperate to shares the results of the DNA test but she’s stopped in her tracks when Andrea tells her she’s bleeding.

Graham Kim
Kim goes to tell Andrea the DNA test results (Credit: ITV)

With Andrea worried she’s losing her baby, Kim takes her to the hospital and soon realises that it could be something serious. Will the baby be okay?

Meanwhile Jamie receives a worrying voicemail and quickly rushes to be with Andrea.

At the hospital he makes a fuss over his wife and Kim feels like she’s intruding.

Will Kim open the DNA results, or will she change her mind?

Will Kim open the DNA results? (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know Graham is potentially the biological father of Andrea and Jamie’s daughter Millie.

After overhearing Millie’s date of birth in the hospital a couple of months ago, Graham realised Millie may be his daughter.

It was revealed Andrea had a one-night stand with Graham around the same time she started seeing Jamie, which was nine months before Millie’s birth.

Graham Andrea Emmerdale paternity
Graham and Andrea slept together none months before Millie’s birth (Credit: ITV)

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Andrea has been desperate to keep her one-night stand with Graham a secret as she’s convinced Millie is Jamie’s child.

But it looks like her attempts didn’t work as Kim now has her hands on the DNA results.

Just which guy will turn out to be Millie’s biological father?

And will Andrea’s chance to be a mum for the second time be cruelly snatched away from her?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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