Emmerdale SPOILERS: Jimmy’s accused of abusing Archie

Is all as it seems?

Poor Jimmy King finds himself in serious trouble in next week’s Emmerdale when he is accused of child abuse.

But while Jimmy is being blamed for all sorts of horrific crimes, it seems that perhaps not all is as it seems when the trouble between Arthur Thomas and Archie Breckle takes a new twist.

Arthur and Archie in Emmerdale
Arthur is fuming when Jai brings Archie along to a memorial for Ashley (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans have seen Arthur take a dislike to Archie since he arrived in the village, jealous of the fact he is getting all the attention after his mum Rachel died.

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But it seems Arthur’s bullying of Archie isn’t letting up any time soon when things turn nasty at a memorial picnic for Ashley Thomas.

Arthur is annoyed when Jai brings Archie along to a picnic that has been organised to remember his dad on what would have been his birthday.

Arthur and Archie in Emmerdale
Archie is knocked out cold by bullying Arthur (Credit: ITV)

After the picnic Arthur is annoyed when Laurel suggests that perhaps he could entertain Archie, hoping the boys will play together nicely.

But the friendship that Laurel is convinced the pair are forming is nowhere to be seen when Arthur unleashes his anger at Archie.

Arthur rants at his nemesis for ruining his dad’s birthday, he lashes out at Archie and knocks him unconscious.

Arthur and Archie in Emmerdale
Jai and Laurel assume that Archie fell and knocked himself out (Credit: ITV)

But somehow Arthur manages to get away with his bullying once again when everyone assumes that Archie fell and knocked himself out.

As everyone is tending to the youngest of the boys, Laurel and Jai are horrified to find other bruises on Archie and wonder where he could have got them from.

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But Arthur is one step ahead of them once again and concocts a story that Jimmy is responsible, leaving everyone reeling.

Jai and Archie in Emmerdale
Jai worries when he finds other bruises on his son (Credit: ITV)

Before long an unsuspecting Jimmy is being accused of all sorts and Laurel is left wondering where her friendship with his wife Nicola King can go from here.

But will Jimmy manage to prove his innocence?

And just how far will Arthur take his bullying against Archie before someone finds out the truth?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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