Emmerdale SPOILERS: Graham murdered in a grisly whodunnit

Which villager has blood on their hands?

Mysterious Graham Foster is set to meet an untimely demise in next week’s Emmerdale when he is brutally killed by a mystery assailant. But which of his long line of enemies wants him dead the most?

It’s no secret that Graham is set to be killed off in a grisly whodunnit, but the wait is finally over and next week we will see the evidence stack up, leading to his killer being unmasked on Friday January 24.

Kim lays her heart on the line for Graham (Credit: ITV)

Since he arrived in Emmerdale, Graham has managed to rub pretty much every villager up the wrong way at some point, but as his final days arrive, Graham’s list of enemies is so long they’re almost queuing out of the village.

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At the top of the list in Kim Tate, who has a very long – and very complicated – history with Graham. But is she the one who kills him?

After discovering that Graham is still planning to leave the village with Rhona for a new life in France, Kim makes one last attempt to win him back by laying her heart on the line.

Kim realises she has been played for a fool and orders Al to kill Graham (Credit: ITV)

At first Graham lets Kim believe that there might be a chance for them to be together, but it soon turns out Kim has been played for a fool when she discovers multiple withdrawals on her bank account.

She immediately knows Graham is to blame and offers Al a huge amount of money to kill Graham off… and with loansharks coming at him from every direction, will Al take the cash and do Kim’s dirty work?

Jai is also out for Graham’s blood when Mr Foster discovers Jai is back on drugs following a car collision and promptly spills the beans to Laurel.

Jai is high on drugs when he crashes into Graham’s car (Credit: ITV)

A devastated Laurel ends her relationship with Jai, and with his world in tatters, Jai wants Graham to pay for what he has done.

But will he kill him in a drug-fulled rampage?

Graham ruins everything for Jai when he tells Laurel about the drugs (Credit: ITV)

Ryan finds himself on the wrong side of Graham next week when he refuses to make one last withdrawal from Kim’s account… leading to Graham locking Ryan up in the kayak shed to stop him going to Kim with the truth about the missing money.

But when Charity wonders where Ryan is as she plans a surprise wedding with Vanessa, her blood boils when she realises what Graham has done to her son.

Graham takes Ryan hostage, leaving Charity fuming (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Jamie and Andrea look like they might finally be building bridges, but Graham notices them looking cosy and brings everything crashing down again with another huge bombshell.

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Charity wants revenge, but will she kill Graham? (Credit: ITV)

Both Jamie and Andrea have had enough of Graham ruining their lives – but are either of them capable of murder?

Marlon might be the most unlikely killer in the village, but when he discovers Rhona and Graham are still planning to take his son Leo to France, he vows to do whatever it takes to stop them leaving… but does that include killing Graham?

Graham drops another bombshell on Jamie and Andrea before his death (Credit: ITV)

After getting the wrong end of the stick while having a heart-to-heart with Rhona, Marlon tries to kiss her.

Could his humiliation at being rejected lead to him bumping off Graham for good?

Marlon tries to kiss Rhona next week (Credit: ITV)

By the end of the week, the evidence will be stacking up.

On Friday January 24 we will see the day of Graham’s death unfold once again, but this time from his point of view, finally revealing who has murder on their mind.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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