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Monday 18th February 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Who pushed Kim Tate?

Could Noah have turned child killer?

Kim Tate's highly-anticipated return to Emmerdale has dramatically stepped up a gear - with the veteran villain being pushed from a high balcony...

In thrilling scenes just aired, a triumphant Kim was like the cat who'd got the cream after ruffling plenty of feathers and reclaiming Home Farm.

But someone decided to stop the scheming baddie in her tracks...

Will Kim survive the fall? (Credit: ITV)

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Dressed in a stunning blue gown, Kim was seen heading upstairs - before a piercing scream rang out and echoed around the walls of the big house.

The Masquerade Ball party goers were then shocked to see Kim falling through the rails of a balcony, before crashing onto the champagne fountain below. (What a shocking waste of champagne).

But who pushed Kim and will she survive fully enough to tell the tale?

If she doesn't need that blue dress anymore, can we borrow it? (Credit: ITV)

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We always knew that Claire King's return as Kim was only ever meant to be short-lived, but will she recover and return to exact revenge on her attacker?

My money is on Noah who shoves Kim off the balcony.

Speculation about the culprit has been in overdrive, with prime suspects being Charity Dingle and Joe Tate - but could scriptwriters throw viewers a curve ball and surprise us? Here are the suspects...

What will be Kim Tate's fate? (Credit: ITV)

Prime suspect number one: Charity Dingle

Charity had a very vocal fight with Kim, sticking up for her family and especially jilted bride Debbie. The whole party saw her swear revenge.

She'll do anything for her family, but is more settled than ever with girlfriend Vanessa - would she risk it all to kill a woman she'd only met hours before?

In the moments afterwards, Charity came sheepishly down the main staircase, making her excuses for where she'd been - in the loo!

Prime suspect number two: Faith Dingle

Faith was also mysteriously missing at the time of the incident.

While most of the partygoers at Home Farm's masquerade ball were present to see Kim take her almighty fall, Faith suddenly appeared from another room.

She'd previously called Kim a "nasty piece of work".

When Sam questioned Faith about what she was going to do about the situation she remarked: "Something, at least.

"Not just roll over and take it, bite back."

Prime suspect number three: Graham Foster

This week, he claimed he only loves two people - Kim and Joe. But even he's been shocked by some of Kim's harsh words this week.

Torn between surrogate son Joe and ex-lover Kim, who would he choose if push came to shove (pardon the pun)?

And viewers all know mysterious Graham is more than capable of murder - attempted or otherwise!

Or was he too busy finishing off Joe Tate?

Prime suspect number four: Noah Dingle

Some fans believe brooding teenager Noah is responsible for trying to kill his wicked step-grandmother.

Not only has he been evicted from his home by Kim, but she's responsible for getting rid of his big brother and upsetting his mum.

Kim also sneered: "You're never going to see your brother again. I wouldn't get too upset, he never really cared for you much anyway. How could he? You're half Dingle.

"With Chris Tate as a father, let's just say the odds are severely stacked against you."

One viewer said: "It's so easy... Noah Tate pushes Kim Tate @emmerdale i can see it a mile off."

Another added: "I'm calling it now. Noah killing Kim Tate tonight. Launching her. Not in the know, my guess."

A third agreed, saying: "My money is on Noah who shoves Kim off the balcony."

Like Charity and Faith, Noah was missing at the time of Kim's fall... His alibi was that he'd been packing a bag after Kim evicted him from Home Farm.

Prime suspect number five: Debbie Dingle

While she's supposed to have left the party to return to her sick daughter Sarah, some believe she might have returned to exact revenge on the woman who drove away her fiancé.

And some fan theories even believe Sarah would get Kim's heart if she dies...

Surely that would be reason enough to want her dead?

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