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Monday 24th February 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Shock revelation at Frank’s funeral!

Will the news force Megan out of the village?

There's sadness in Emmerdale tonight as Frank Clayton's nearest and dearest prepare to say their final farewells, but a shock discovering soon leaves everyone reeling...

Emmerdale fans know that Frank died in the Sharma factory fire trying to save his daughter Tracy Metcalfe, while also on a mission to get the engagement ring he planned to propose to girlfriend Megan Macey with.

Kerry and Amy have been struggling to hide their guilt over Frank's untimely death (Credit: ITV)

However, with the true culprits Amy and Kerry Wyatt still pointing the finger of blame at Frank, everyone believes he is the one who started the blaze that eventually took his life.

As the day of Frank's funeral arrives, there are mixed feelings around the village about who will attend the service.

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With everyone thinking Frank set the fire as a revenge plan against Jai Sharma, even Megan is wondering whether to go along to the funeral or if it is best she stayed at home.

Tracy was devastated when the police revealed that Frank was being blamed for the fire (Credit: ITV)

But it's not just Megan struggling on the morning of Frank's farewell... his daughters Vanessa Woodfield and Tracy are finding it hard to cope with the fact they're going to have to say goodbye to their dad, while Amy and Kerry are struggling to contain their guilt.

But soon the shocking revelation that an engagement ring was found at the scene of the fire leaves Megan floored, especially when Tracy admits that she believes it belonged to her dad.

Tracy tells Megan that she thinks the ring is why her dad was in the factory in the first place, and Megan is left feeling awful for ever doubting Frank's innocence.

Tracy tries to prove her dad's innocence at the funeral, but Vanessa remains quiet... (Credit: ITV)

With the reality hitting her that Frank was going to propose to her on the day he died, Megan's world is rocked and she decides to go along to his funeral and say her farewells to the man she loved.

But just before the service begins, Tracy is still determined to prove Frank's innocence and tells the rest of the village her theories behind Frank's actions.

However, as her claims about her dad fall on deaf ears, Tracy is left further upset when even Vanessa doesn't back her up.

Megan realises that Frank was going to propose on the day he died (Credit: ITV)

As the funeral starts, it seems it's not just Tracy who is determined to deliver a few home truths, and soon Megan is standing in front of everyone and delivering some tough words to the congregation.

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But as Megan makes her feelings towards everyone very clear, she comes to a startling realisation about which direction her life is heading in now that Frank has gone and is soon making a life-changing decision.

Is Megan going to leave the village next week? (Credit: ITV)

As she plans for her future, could this be the pivotal moment that makes Megan decide to leave the village for good and make a fresh start elsewhere?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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