Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert’s life hangs in the balance

He collapses and has a fit while franticly looking for Rebecca

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Robert Sugden is left in a critical condition next week after he collapses and has a fit while looking for Rebecca White.

He’s sent into a frenzy, trying to find the mother of his young son Seb, after Noah Dingle tells him and boyfriend Aaron that the police are now looking for a body at Home Farm.

Robert is obsessed with finding Rebecca (Credit: ITV)

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No one knows what has happened to Rebecca, who was last seen being smothered by her murderous nephew Lachlan White last month.

When Robert sees the shrine that has been started for Rebecca, he incredulous and begins to destroy it while Aaron watches on in horror.

Zak tells Aaron that he needs to get Robert under control but Robert won’t stop searching for Rebecca, leaving Aaron frustrated about how he’ll get through to him.

An exhausted and woozy Robert then heads out to look for Rebecca again but suddenly collapses and starts to fit.

Robert is angry at the shrine that has been started for Rebecca (Credit: ITV)

A frantic Liv calls for a doctor, while Aaron watches on feeling helpless.

What’s happened to Robert and will he be ok? And what has happened to Rebecca?

Lachlan White seemed to confirm his aunt Rebecca IS dead while having an emotional moment with baby Seb during last night’s episode of Emmerdale.

Rebecca’s fate has been left up in the air after he brutally attacked the heiress two weeks ago, having held her hostage in a remote cabin in the woods beforehand.

But now it appears the serial killer may be damned by his own lips after suggesting Rebecca has gone for good.

Speaking to her infant child, Lachlan may have tripped over his words as he promised Seb he would support him in the future.

In saying so, however, he may have revealed the truth about what happened to Rebecca as he mixed up his tenses.

Aaron panics when Robert collapses (Credit: ITV)

An apparently emotional Lachlan told the baby: “I know your mum’s not around but I need you to know that she loved you very much.”

Correcting her boyfriend, Belle Dingle stressed how Rebecca being missing does not mean she may not be alive – oblivious to the possibility Lachlan could be responsibility for Rebecca’s death.

Loves… she still loves you Seb,” she said.

Realising his slip up, a haunted Lachlan quickly continued to Seb: “Yes, that’s what I meant.

“And while she’s not here I’m going to look out for you. I’m going to give you anything you need.”

Turning to Aaron Dingle, he added: “You make sure he knows that.”

Robert is destroyed to know the police are looking for a body (Credit: ITV)

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Fans have feared the worst after Lachlan appeared to smother her, with many believing her body has been hidden in a suitcase.

Viewers may not have to wait much longer to find out the truth however after spoiler pics of Lachlan looking unsettled by upsetting news were released.

Is it finally time up for Lachlan?

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