Maya threatens Liv

Emmerdale SPOILER: Paedo Maya turns on Jacob next week

Will Jacob see evil Maya for what she is before it is too late?

Emmerdale paedophile Maya Stepney will turn on Jacob Gallagher next week.

The evil teacher is planning on going on the run with her young victim after finally being exposed for her crimes.

Emmerdale SPOILER: Paedo Maya turns on Jacob next week
Maya is going to turn on Jacob next week (Credit: ITV)

She is currently holed up in a hotel with the schoolboy as they plan how to get out of the village so she won’t be caught and sent to prison.

But it soon becomes clear how Jacob is struggling with leaving his family, friends and entire life behind for a new one with Maya.

As they plan for their new life in Newcastle, Maya realises Jacob has been hiding something from her.

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He has been secretly communicating with his dad David and planning on meeting up with him, as he looks to clear the air and say goodbye.

Viewers watched on Friday night (May 10) as David enlisted Liv to help him talk to Jacob to convince him to come home.

But he could only convince him to meet up with him one last time before he goes away with Maya.

Emmerdale SPOILER: Paedo Maya turns on Jacob next week
David tries to lure Jacob into coming back home (Credit: ITV)

However, that will be enough for Maya to see red, turn her vitriol onto her young victim and show him what she is really like.

But will he continue to be blinded by her manipulation of him – or will she finally get caught by the police?

Fans are furious she is still walking around free because no-one has phoned the police to report her for the abuse.

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One said: “Can’t believe they’re still not phoning the police for Maya – like that would really happen… #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “David, tell the police. Once Jacob gets older, Maya will just dump him anyway for another young boy. She is just pure evil. #Emmerdale.”

A third complained: “#Emmerdale. All these people know now about Maya and yet nobody has called the police. Wish these writers would get a grip on reality.”

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