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Thursday 18th July 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Paddy meets his real dad

Will Paddy get the answers he's hoping for?

Paddy Kirk's world is about to change forever next week as he comes face-to-face with Bear Wolf, the wrestler he believes could be his real dad.

After Paddy has been putting his head in the sand when it comes to the truth about his dad, Marlon  decided to get some answers for his friend, with or without his consent.

But as he calls in sick to work so that he can secretly go to the wrestling convention that Bear Wolf is performing at, he can't help but feel guilty for going behind his best friend's back.

Paddy reluctantly goes along to the convention to meet Bear Wolf (Credit: ITV)

Jessie thinks that he is doing the right thing and reassures Marlon that Paddy needs to know the truth about who his dad is, but will Paddy feel the same?

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Marlon doesn't have to wait long to find out how Paddy feels, because after hearing that Marlon is off sick from work, Paddy goes round to see his friend and check he's okay.

But there's no pretending to Paddy that he really is ill, because when Marlon answers the door, Paddy's shocked to see he is wearing a Bear Wolf t-shirt!

Paddy os a bundle of nerves as he approaches the man who would be his dad (Credit: ITV)

The penny drops and Marlon tries to convince the vet that he should come along and see what bear Wolf has to say for himself... and finally, after a l0t of convincing from Chas, Paddy finally agrees.

As Marlon, Jessie, Paddy and Chas all arrive at the big event, they're disappointed to find that it is being held at an old working men's club - not exactly the glamour they were expecting!

Will their meeting be a positive one? (Credit: ITV)

Paddy is a bundle of nerves as he braces himself to get some answers about his past... but before he can venture in, he decides he needs some air, letting the others go in without him.

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But as he is gathering his thoughts, he comes face-to-face with Bear Wold himself, who is also outside getting some air before the show.

Is Bear Wolf Paddy's dad? (Credit: ITV)

As Paddy approaches the man who could be his father, he is a bundle of nerves, knowing that what Bear Wolf has to say could change his life as he knows it.

Poor Paddy tries to explain himself and gets his words in a muddle as he tells Bear who he is... but will he get the answers he is looking for?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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