Emmerdale Maya arrested

Emmerdale SPOILER: Maya spies on Jacob

She just can't stay away...

After everything that has happened, you’d think Emmerdale’s evil Maya Stepney would be as far away from the village as she can possibly be. But next week sees her return, desperate to talk to Jacob Gallagher.

The last few weeks in Emmerdale have been a rollercoaster of twists and turns in Maya’s grooming storyline, with soap fans watching her get arrested, only for her to still maintain that she is victim in the whole scenario.

Emmerdale Maya arrested
Maya has told the police she is the victim (Credit: ITV)

And despite the fact everyone is telling Jacob that he has been groomed, manipulated and lied to by Maya, he is still vowing to wait for the woman he believes he loves next week.

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While Jacob struggles to come to terms with what has happened to him, the case against Maya is in jeopardy thanks to the fact Priya, Leyla and Tracy are hiding what happened in the woods after their evening out at a nightclub.

David and Jacob Emmerdale
Jacob tells David that he will wait for Maya (Credit: ITV)

Soap fans will know that the trio followed Maya into the woods and Leyla left Jacob’s abuser for dead after knocking her out cold and leaving her lying in a freezing stream.

But while the women hide what they did to Maya from the police, it means that Priya has also withheld the fact that she saw Jacob and Maya kissing outside the nightclub.

Maya spies on Jacob Emmerdale
Maya spies on Jacob, wanting to secretly talk to him (Credit: ITV)

Next week sees Maya return to the village and secretly start to spy on Jacob – clearly not being able to let go of the grip that she has on the teenager.

But why is she back, and what does she want from Jacob? Surely she is risking everything by being in such a close proximity with him again?

While Maya is waiting for a chance to speak to the boy she groomed, Pollard sees her and her cover is blown.

Pollard and Maya Emmerdale
Pollard sees Maya and goes to call the police (Credit: ITV)

But to Maya’s surprise, Pollard doesn’t confront her in the village, and instead marches home with a determined look on his face.

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Realising that Pollard is going to call the police, Maya follows him and stops his call to the authorities… but she doesn’t have the upper hand for long, because Pollard has got a deal for her.

Pollard and Maya Emmerdale
Pollard gives Maya an ultimatum, but what will she choose? (Credit: ITV)

She is shocked when Pollard gives her the choice: either he will call the police and tell them of her whereabouts, or she goes to find Jacob right now and end everything by telling him she doesn’t love him any more.

What will Maya do? And how will Jacob react when he finds out she is back in the village?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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