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Emmerdale SPOILER: Maya and Jacob’s heart-to-heart

The drama is far from over between the pair

It doesn’t look like Jacob’s infatuation with teacher Maya is going to be letting up any time soon – and next week sees another surprising twist in the dark storyline.

As Jacob continues with his plan to make Maya jealous by saying he’s dating Liv, things are getting tense at home.

Not only is David still oblivious to the fact that Jacob – the boy he thinks of as his own son – has shared a secret kiss with his girlfriend, but the elephant in the room between Maya and Jacob is getting bigger by the minute.

Emmerdale fans disturbed as Maya grooms Jacob with 'secret kiss'
Jacob kissed Maya on her birthday (Credit: ITV)

Next week Maya will be amused to overhear Jacob asking Liv to go on a date to the cinema with him.

But when David then gets wind of his son’s date and tries to pass on some fatherly dating advice, Jacob fails to see the funny side and storms off.

Emmerdale fans disturbed as Maya grooms Jacob with 'secret kiss'
Jacob has been harbouring secret feelings for his teacher for weeks (Credit: ITV)

David’s totally bemused by the whole thing, wondering what he’s said wrong now.

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Little does he realise, Maya knows exactly what’s wrong with the teenager and she’s keeping the fact they kissed on her birthday a closely guarded secret.

Jacob tries to make Maya jealous by dating Liv (Credit: ITV)

Once alone with Jacob, Maya decides to address the problem and tells him that he needs to go easy on his dad as he’s starting to get suspicious.

But while Jacob knows she’s right, it’s clear that his feelings for his teacher are anything but subsiding.

Will Maya put an end to Jacob’s infatuation? (Credit: ITV)

It dawns on Maya that Jacob’s infatuation is still as strong as ever and that something clearly needs to be done.

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But will she do the right thing and tell David about the kiss and nip Jacob’s crush in the bud?

Or is she about to string this out for all it’s worth?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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