Emmerdale SPOILER: Marlon goes missing on his wedding day

Will Marlon and Jessie tie the knot on Christmas Day?

Jessie Grant might be planning a huge surprise wedding for Marlon Dingle on Christmas Day – but disaster strikes when the unsuspecting groom goes missing.

After realising just how much Marlon means to her, Jessie has decided to show him how she feels but organising him the ultimate Christmas surprise – a huge wedding that he has absolutely no idea about!

Marlon and Sam have a big night out to celebrate what Marlon thinks is Sam’s last night of freedom… (Credit: ITV)

When Marlon catches Lydia making wedding preparations, she is forced to fib that she is planning to surprise Sam so, as Marlon organises a stag do, he has no idea that he is actually planning his own bash.

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But the night gets out of hand when the pair start drinking from the taps at the Woolpack and find themselves being thrown out by Charity.

But it seems they still haven’t had enough to drink and decide to jump into a beer delivery truck waiting outside the pub.

The pair come up with a plan to drink the beer delivery truck dry. What could possibly go wrong? (Credit: ITV)

As the drayman pulls away, he has no idea he has got two stowaways on board – who have both passed out from all the booze!

As Marlon wakes up on Christmas Day in the back of the lorry and in the middle of nowhere, he panics about the fact Sam is going to miss his wedding to Lydia, not realising it is his own nuptials he will be late for.

This isn’t going to end well… (Credit: ITV)

When Sam sees the funny side of the festive mix up, Marlon is forced to reveal that today is actually Sam’s wedding day and the hungover pair hot foot it back to Emmerdale.

But while Sam gets emotional about the thought of marrying Lydia, Marlon is still none the wiser that he has been bluffed and is actually the groom for the day.

Marlon arrives at the wedding having no idea it is actually his big day (Credit: ITV)

Back in the village Jessie despairs when Lydia comes clean about not knowing where either of the men are, and the head teacher starts to wonder if her big day is doomed before it has already begun.

As the guests start to arrive, they too have been totally in the dark and are oblivious to the fact they are attending a wedding. It’s only when Jessie appears looking radiant in her wedding dress that the penny finally drops.

The penny finally drops when Marlon sees Jessie (Credit: ITV)

Thankfully Marlon finally makes it back and, after seeing Jessie in her beautiful gown, it doesn’t take long for the pub chef to realise that he is actually the one tying the knot and not Sam.

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But there is another twist in the Christmas tale to come when Marlon faints with shock at the whole situation. Will Marlon come round in time to get married, and more to the point, will he even say yes?

Let’s just say Marlon’s a little shocked when he realises he’s the groom (Credit: ITV)

And everyone should also spare a thought for poor Sam, who is secretly heartbroken that he isn’t the one getting married.

Does this mean we could see another wedding on the cards now that Sam has been given food for thought?

Emmerdale airs these scenes on Christmas Day on ITV. 

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