Joe Tate returns to Emmerdale

Emmerdale SPOILER: Joe Tate is alive and returning to village?

His co-star has dropped a huge hint!

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It’s one of the biggest soap mysteries of recent years – is Emmerdale’s Joe Tate dead or alive?

And we might be one step nearer knowing the answer, after one of the soap’s biggest characters dropped a huge hint recently.

Joe Tate is gone – for now – but not forgotten (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that much-loved character Joe was dramatically killed off during an explosive week which saw the return of Kim Tate.

In totally unexpected scenes, Joe was apparently murdered by his own best friend and confidante Graham Foster, but not before Cain Dingle had given him a beating as punishment for ditching his daughter Debbie at the aisle.

Fearing for his life, Joe had fled Emmerdale – knowing Kim wanted him dead.

Joe Tate and Graham Foster
Did Graham finish Joe off? (Credit: ITV)

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But deciding to face his demons, he returned only to get punched to the ground and left for dead by Cain instead.

Viewers then saw Graham apparently finish Joe off – but we never saw a dead body…

And we all know what that means in soapland!

Will Joe ever return for Debbie? (Credit: ITV)

Now, Emmerdale actor Jeff Hordley – aka Cain – has dropped a huge hint that Joe isn’t dead.

In an interview with, he said: “I hope Joe walks back through the door one day!

“Both Charley [Webb] and I have talked about the storyline, we love working together.

“Yes there is a rift but hoping they still come back together at some point, and if the truth of the situation is that he didn’t kill Joe maybe it’s a road back for father and daughter to reunite.”

Cain has been wracked with guilt ever since he ‘killed’ Joe (Credit: ITV)

Next week, a body is discovered which is thought to be Joe’s and Debbie is called in to identity it.

Unable to go through with it, she asks Cain to go in her place and he’s relieved to discover the body is NOT Joe’s.

Viewers know that Cain still believes he killed his daughter’s fiancé – which is what Graham wants him to think…

But it was Graham himself who seemingly dumped Joe’s dead body at Hotten viaduct.

Instagram @nedporteous
Will Joe and Graham ever be reunited? (Credit: Instagram @nedporteous)

Next week, Cain snaps and confesses his version of the truth to Debbie, who is beyond devastated and the relationship between father and daughter is damaged forever…

And things only get worse for Debbie when she goes to see Graham to tell him what Cain is claiming and, of course, he lies and pretends Joe’s death is news to him.

However, Graham’s pretence doesn’t last for long, because when Cain tries to tell Debbie exactly what happened when Joe died, he also reveals that Graham was part of the grisly deed, leaving Debbie sickened.

Debbie later finds out that Moira also knew, and that all three of them have been lying about Joe’s whereabouts since last year.

Not a happy family at all…

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