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Friday 21st February 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Harriet’s dark secret is exposed

Moira finds out the truth about Harriet and Will

There's drama in Emmerdale when Moira Dingle exposes Harriet Finch and Will Taylor's relationship, with devastating consequences.

When it comes to relationships and romance, viewers know Moira is the last person who should be preaching about what is right or wrong, but that doesn't stop her getting involved in Harriet and Will's relationship next week.

Moira is the last person who should be preaching about relationships and honesty! (Credit: ITV)

As the third anniversary of Holly Barton's devastating death following an overdose approaches, Moira is a woman on the edge.

However, Harriet is there to offer her support during her time of need, leaving Moira grateful that someone is offering her a shoulder to cry on.

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But Moira's feelings towards Harriet soon change when she finds out the vicar has been secretly dating former drug trafficker Will for months.

Harriet and Will have got a lot of history (Credit: ITV)

As the truth about the pair's dark past is revealed Moira is even more surprised to discover that Cain knew about the whole thing, leaving her rattled that he has been keeping something so huge from her.

Despite the fact she has been keeping a far greater secret from her husband, considering the amount of sneaking around she has been doing with farmhand Nate, Moira sees red and becomes convinced that Will was the one who sold Matty drugs.

Moira thinks Will is the one who sells Matty drugs next week (Credit: ITV)

Earlier in the week Moira is set to be shocked when she catches Matty smoking a joint with Ryan outside Nate's caravan.

But it isn't just the drugs that really get her spooked, it is also the fact that Matty almost caught her and Nate getting up to no good.

Cain tries his best to calm Moira down and make her see that her claims about Will selling drugs are totally untrue.

But she won't listen to a word he has to say, and soon the Harvest Festival service at the church descends into chaos.

Moira tells the world about Harriet and Will's dark past (Credit: ITV)

Interrupting Harriet's sermon, Moira stands up in front of everyone and tells them that Will used to be a drug trafficker but, as a ripple of shock goes through the congregation, she doesn't stop there.

Moira also reveals that Harriet and Will are an item, leaving Harriet wanting the ground to swallow her up as her relationship goes public in the most horrendous way.

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But while Moira has no regrets about her outburst, Cain is livid with his wife and can't understand why she would sabotage Harriet's happiness like that.

Why is Moira acting out of sorts? (Credit: ITV)

Is it just the anniversary of Holly's death looming over her that has got Moira acting out of character? Or is there more to her outburst in church than meets the eye?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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