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Monday 21st October 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Faith ruins Aaron and Robert's surrogacy chances?

Faith and Bear end up getting carried away

Faith gets involved with Aaron and Robert's surrogacy plans in next week's Emmerdale.

Aaron is left stressed out ahead of a meeting with a potential surrogate called Natalie when Robert is stuck on the road.

Faith and Bear begin spinning lies (Credit: ITV)

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Faith steps in to try to help her grandson by promising to keep Natalie entertained at The Woolpack to delay her.

However, it doesn't take long before Faith and Bear get carried away.

The pair begin spinning lies to make Aaron and Robert seem like an attractive proposition - but could it end up backfiring?

Has she ruined their surrogacy plans? (Credit: ITV)

Aaron and Robert have been exploring the idea of surrogacy for the past few months and although their plan was put on hold for a while due to costs, the pair decided to go ahead with the plan.

Robert already has son Seb with Rebecca White. The businessman cheated on Aaron back in 2017 with ex-sister-in-law Rebecca and she ended up falling pregnant with his baby.

Although upset at first, Aaron eventually forgave Robert and the pair rekindled their relationship.

After Rebecca suffered a head injury from the car accident that killed her sister Chrissie and dad Lawrence she struggled to look after her son, so she handed him over to Robert and Aaron.

Robert has son Seb with Rebecca (Credit: ITV Hub)

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She was then kidnapped and held hostage for weeks by her serial killer nephew Lachlan, who was also responsible for causing the car crash.

After Rebecca managed to get free and returned to the village, she decided to leave for a new life in Liverpool with her boyfriend Ross.

She took Seb with her - leaving Robert and Aaron devastated.

After becoming attached to his step-son, Aaron and Robert then decided to have a baby of their own.

Will they manage to become parents together through surrogacy?

- Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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