Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma Atkins on Charity’s “terrifying trial” against DI Bails

Good Vs Evil: Who will come out on top?

Emmerdale viewers have seen matriarch Charity Dingle dragged to hell and back ever since DI Bails returned to the scene.

And it’s about to get even worse for the pub landlady, as she’s forced to relive her horrific past all over again – this time in court.

Next week, Charity testifies against her abuser DI Mark Bails – and the corrupt cop will do anything to disprove her if it means saving his own skin.

Charity testifies against DI Mark Bails in court (Credit: ITV)

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Earlier this year, fans of the ITV soap were in bits as Charity revealed her torment at the hands of Bails when she was a young girl.

The vile policeman failed in his duty to protect a young and vulnerable girl on the streets and, instead, groomed her for a life of prostitution.

During this horrendous ordeal, she became pregnant with her son Ryan Stocks. Now Charity finally gets her time in court, but it’s not going to be easy…

Actress Emma Atkins has told the Radio Times that the trial will be “terrifying”.

Charity is trying to establish a relationship with Ryan after their recent reunion (Credit: ITV)

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She says: “It’s the most terrifying thing she’s had to go through. Charity has to rake up this ordeal in front of strangers and she knows it’s going to feel unpleasant.

“It’s everything you don’t want to say out loud. All the nitty gritty about her dark past. She knows what she’s got to do, but deep down there’s a lot fear, anticipation and worry.”

Bails has already warned Charity that no one will believe her story in court, but is Emma hopeful that justice will be served?

Viewers were in bits when Charity revealed the truth about her past (Credit: ITV)

Emma continued: “She’s not confident at all. She’s thinking this is all going to go Bails’ way and that no one will believe her, considering her past as a prostitute, which will be told in court as part of her backstory.

“Charity’s terrified that her promiscuous past will blot her copybook and not give her a fighting chance.”

Things don’t look good as Bails gives a twisted version of events, claiming that he had genuine feelings for Charity.

In a further blow, his wife Chloe backs up her husband’s case by also lying to the prosecution.

Will he get away with his disgusting acts once again?

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