Emmerdale SPOILER: Daz’s drink driving leaves someone for dead

Who's life is on the line?

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Daz Spencer thinks all his Christmases have come at once when he gets a new job and a company car – but then he makes a huge mistake and looks set to lose everything when he offends his boss, drives drunk, and hits something – or rather, someone.

Next week starts off pretty well for down-on-his-luck Daz, who’s still mourning the end of his relationship with Bernice. He finds himself with a new job, a fancy company car and is loving the attention from his boss Trish.

As the pair enjoy a boozy lunch in the Woolie, Trish invites him to hers to sign some paperwork.

Things are looking up for Daz (Credit: ITV)

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Feeling like he has to agree, he gets into a taxi with Trish and they head off. But the alcohol haze has set in and Daz starts to think Trish is after something far more than just his signature.

Offended, he tells her straight out he won’t be her plaything, but furious Trish hits back that she’s married and he’s totally misread the signs. Oops.

Trish is furious at Daz’s suggestion (Credit: ITV)

Embarrassed Daz tries to explain himself, but is forced to get out of the taxi. However as it speeds away, he’s left totally stranded with no wallet and no phone. Double oops.

It’s too late for apologies Daz (Credit: ITV)

He starts the long walk home, but suddenly spots his own flash motor sitting in a field. He’s a bit taken aback – how did it get there?

Well, it turns out teens Noah, Leanna and Amelia have pulled another prank and taken his car for a joy ride. But Amelia, desperate to get the others to stop their silliness, caused a fight with Leanna, who was driving and the car spun out of control and ended up stranded on a verge.

The kids have abandoned the car and run off and Daz can’t believe his luck that he’s found a way home.

Daz sees his car (Credit: ITV)

He decides to take a quick nap first and climbs into the back seat.

Once he wakes up, he inspects the damage, which doesn’t seem bad enough to make the car dangerous to drive, so he hops in and decides to risk driving home – despite still being under the influence.

It’s going okay, until Noah’s phone, which he dropped during the joy-riding incident, starts ringing and distracts Daz.

He swerves and hits something, and as he looks in the rear-view mirror, he’s terrified at what he might see.

Daz has hit someone (Credit: ITV)

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Daz carefully gets out of the car in the dark and soon realises he’s not hit something – he’s run someone over. But who is it?

Instead of staying to check to if they’re alive, Daz flees the scene.

Left alone in the dark Dales night, it’s not looking good for Daz’s victim…

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Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm on ITV.

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