Emmerdale fans furious with David as he ignores evidence of Maya abusing Jacob

Emmerdale SPOILER: David leaves the village – without Jacob

Will this give Maya just the opportunity she needs?

Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney sees a chance next week to get some proper alone time with teen lover Jacob Gallagher when his stepdad David Metcalfe leaves the village.

As David gets ready to depart, Maya and Jacob seize the opportunity to live like a real couple.

Maya and Jacob want to live like a real couple (Credit: ITV)

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Happily planning to live in domestic bliss together with David out of the picture, will anything go wrong?

Maya has been grooming Jacob for months and the teen thinks he’s fallen in love with her and her with him.

He’s only 16 (15 when all this started) and she’s not only dating his stepdad, but is also Jacob’s teacher. Everything about the situation is very, very wrong.

Jacob and Maya slept together just after his 16th birthday (Credit: ITV)

But lovelorn Jacob just can’t see it and is desperate to have a proper relationship with his teacher.

The pair slept together just days after his 16th birthday and David almost caught them in the act in the village hall.

He found an earring of Maya’s on the floor, but didn’t put two and two together when she managed to distract him and she got away with it yet again.

David was confused when he found Maya’s earring – but still didn’t work it out (Credit: ITV)

Viewers have blasted David as “thick” for not realising anything is going on – especially after he found a hotel booking that Maya had made for her and Jacob.

Last week, sick Maya confessed her love to Jacob to keep him from ending things between them and from spilling the beans.

However the risks they’re taking are getting quite close to the edge as Maya continues to try to cover things up.

Maya tells tall tales to Tracy (Credit: ITV)

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Tracy Shankley thwarts them at Tug Ghyll later this week when she catches them in the cottage wanting some time together. But she doesn’t actually see Jacob and Maya’s able to think quick and lie that Leyla’s upstairs with a bloke.

The porky pie leads to Tracy confronting Leyla in the village when she assumes her housemate has been with Tracy’s new fella Billy.

As Leyla and Billy protest their innocence, will Tracy confront Maya over her lies? And how will she talk her way out of this one?

Emmerdale is on Tuesday to Thursday next week at 7pm, with an hour-long episode on Tuesday and an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm on ITV.

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