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Emmerdale: Six questions we have after Graham’s killer was revealed

None of the suspects were Graham's killer!

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (January 23 2020), fans were stunned when it was revealed Rhona Goskirk’s rapist ex-husband Pierce Harris was Graham’s killer.

Graham was in the woods looking for Marlon when he was attacked from behind by Pierce.

After the big reveal, we now have a few questions about Graham’s murder that need answering!

1. What was Graham being run over all about?

Who ran Graham over? (Credit: ITV Hub)

In last night’s first episode, viewers saw Andrea get into a car and later Graham was run over, causing him to fall off the bridge.

It then showed Andrea running through the woods whilst Jamie sat in a car looking shocked.

We then saw Andrea in the woods crying with her arms covered in blood.

Although Jamie was in a car, viewers didn’t see who ran Graham over.

Jamie was in a car looking shocked, but did he run over Graham? (Credit: ITV Hub)

Who ran him over? Did Jamie finish him off? Or did something else happen?

2. Whose blood was on Andrea’s arm?

Whose blood is on Andrea’s arms? (Credit: ITV Hub)

As previously mentioned, in the woods Andrea was seen crying with blood on her arms, but who did the blood belong to?

Some viewers have predicted she ran over Jai’s dog Tip and buried him, as the dog ran out as Jai collected his cocaine.

But if it’s not the dog’s blood, then whose blood is it?

3. How does Pierce know Graham?

Pierce raped Rhona on their wedding day (Credit: ITV)

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Graham is aware that Pierce is girfriend Rhona’s ex-husband and knows that he raped her.

But Rhona has had no contact with Pierce for years, so how would Pierce know who Graham is?

Was it Pierce who Graham heard the answerphone message from? Did Graham go and confront him and warn Pierce away from Rhona? All is set to be revealed on this tonight

4. What’s Pierce’s motive to kill Graham?

What was Pierce’s motive? (Credit: ITV Hub)

A couple of weeks ago, viewers saw Graham listen to a voicemail on Rhona’s machine and later he returned home with bloody knuckles.

Some predicted the message was from Pierce and Graham went out to beat him up, or even intended to kill him.

But if this isn’t what happened then what is Pierce’s motive to kill Graham?

Jonathan Wrather, who plays Pierce, revealed on This Morning today that: “Pierce is on a crusade to save Rhona from this violent and dangerous man.”

But is that reason enough to kill?

5. What did Charity and Ryan do?

What did Charity and Ryan do? (Credit: ITV Hub)

After finding out what Graham had done to Ryan, Charity confronted the businessman.

But Graham said some harsh words for the pub owner, leaving her even more angry.

Later, Charity and Ryan were seen on the same bridge Graham was run over on.

Charity said to her son: “No regrets, Ryan”.

What did they do? Could they be the ones who ran over Graham?

6. Why did Al make out to Kim that he killed Graham?

In Monday’s episode (January 20 2020), Kim told Al to kill Graham after finding out he was leaving the village with Rhona and had been taking money from her account.

Al returned and said to Kim: “I want my money, it’s done. He’s dead.”

Although he didn’t specifically say that he killed him, he made it seem like he had.

Al said to Kim that Graham was dead (Credit: ITV Hub)

Did Al witness Graham’s death and pretend to do it so Kim would give him the money?

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Although we have questions, we’re sure all will be explained in the upcoming episodes.

What do you think of this storyline?

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