Joe Tate returns to Emmerdale

Emmerdale reveals more ‘proof’ Joe Tate is alive with Graham’s phone call

Joe was killed by Graham last year, or was he?

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Emmerdale has revealed more proof that suggests Joe Tate is alive and well.

Last night Graham Foster made a secret phone call to a mystery individual after walking into one of Kim Tate’s traps.

Graham made the secret phone call to someone fans thought was Joe (Credit: ITV)

She had decided to go through the business accounts, claiming she could no longer trust Graham with her money and it turned out she was right.

Kim discovered secret withdrawals from one of her offshore accounts and confronted him about it.

At first Graham claimed it was a mistake from Nicola King and Robert Sugden’s attempt to steal the business from a then drunk Graham.

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But when he was alone, Graham confirmed it was something else and made a mysterious phone call on a secret mobile phone.

He told whoever was on the other end: “We’ve got a problem. We’re going to need another plan.”

What Graham didn’t realise is that sneaky Kim was watching him on CCTV and discovered he was helping someone take her money abroad.

Kim is onto Graham’s secret (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are convinced it is proof Joe Tate is alive and that he wasn’t murdered by Graham all those months ago.

He was last seen alive and twitching his finger in October, though viewers were led to believe Graham had murdered him and buried his body near the viaduct.

Not anymore! Now fans are convinced this is further evidence that Joe is alive and well and being kept away by Graham.

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A fan said: “#emmerdale JOE IS ALIVE! CALLING IT NOW! Graham with his off shore account.”

Another said: “Omg Graham was totally on the phone to Joe at the end of that episode!!! He HAD to be!!! #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “I think Graham was on the phone to Joe I don’t think he’s dead #Emmerdale.”

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