Emmerdale: Rebecca White is alive!

Deranged Lachan is holding her captive...

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Rebecca White has been missing, presumed dead, ever since she discovered her nephew Lachlan’s evil ways.

But Emmerdale fans were relieved last night (Thursday 26 July) to see she’s still alive.

Rebecca is being kept captive by deranged nephew Lachlan (Credit: ITV)

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However, she might not be breathing for much longer as her kidnapper Lachlan works out what to do with her.

Her deranged serial killer nephew is keeping her captive in a secret location after he made her ‘disappear’.

Last week, ITV viewers saw Lachlan attempt to poison Liv and Robert with carbon monoxide gases – however Rebecca stumbled upon his deadly plan…

Who shall I kill next? (Credit: ITV)

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As she realised how dangerous her teenage nephew was, he attacked her and bundled her into the back of his car.

Now, she’s chained up and gagged in a wooden cabin – but will Lachlan kill her like he did his mum Chrissie, granddad Lawrence and best mate Gerry Roberts?

In the tense double bill, we also saw Robert discover Bex’s passport was still in her room, meaning the mother of his baby son Seb couldn’t be in Ibiza as Lachlan was claiming.

Be afraid Rebecca, be very afraid… (Credit: ITV)

As the net seemed to be closing in, Lachlan forced Rebecca to record a message to Robert, reassuring him that she’s okay and just visiting friends in Wales…

So now, no one is looking for her. Gulp.

Trapped in a corner, but apparently unnervingly calm, Lachlan doesn’t appear to have many choices – but can he bring himself to kill his last living adult relative?

Does teenager Lachlan feel any remorse? (Credit: ITV)

When Lachlan broke his promise to Rebecca about bringing Seb to her for a visit, she screamed and said she hated him…

And her nephew turned his sinister gaze on her and told her that if he were as heartless as she thought, she would be dead.

And fans believe it’s only a matter of time. After all, he can’t keep her locked up forever.

One said: “The bad thing is that unless Rebecca escapes or someone finds and frees her, Lachlan will HAVE to kill her to stop her telling people.”

Another wrote: “Lachlan has two options 1.Kill Rebecca or 2.Prison. He’s not gonna let the latter happen so the idea of him keeping her locked up is ludicrous.”

However, a third couldn’t believe Lachlan would kill his own auntie, tweeting: “Yes! Rebecca is alive! I knew Loony Lachlan couldn’t kill her.”

So what’s next for the 18-year-old? Theories include Rebecca escaping and bringing Lachlan to justice, while another possible conclusion is Ross killing Lachlan in a dramatic exit storyline.

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