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Thursday 18th July 2019

Emmerdale mum Jessie accused of disgusting favouritism

Does she prefer Billy over Ellis?

It's never easy for parents caught in the middle of warring siblings, but Emmerdale's Jessie is fueling the hatred between her sons Ellis and Billy, it seems.

Ellis and Billie don't see eye to eye (Credit: ITV)

Viewers have known that there's no love lost with the brothers since before the latter came out of prison at Christmas.

But relations have continued to get worse, with Ellis goading his sibling into punching him just in time for their mum to see it.

If Ellis was hoping for some support from Jessie, though, he was wrong.

Jessie wants to protect her eldest son (Credit: ITV)

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She refused to act as a witness after her younger son reported the attack, lying to police that she had seen nothing.

Jessie chose to protect her eldest boy from being sent back to prison but, in so doing, she shattered Ellis.

Jessie's got Billy's back (Credit: ITV)

Kinda just proves she DOES indeed favour Billy over Ellis.

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"You got your favourite son back," he told her. "You don't need me."

The headteacher is winning herself not fans among viewers who think she's never made an attempt to hide her favouritism... and they think it's appalling.

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