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Monday 18th February 2019

Emmerdale fans spot man lurking under table in hilarious blunder

Is THIS who pushed Kim Tate?

It was the episode Emmerdale fans had been waiting for... When Kim Tate was finally pushed over a balcony to a possible grisly death down below.

But last night's much-anticipated tense scenes were somewhat overshadowed by an embarrassing mistake - which left fans in hysterics!

Like a cat with nine lives, Kim managed to survive the fall (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily, eagled-eyed ITV viewers saw the funny side, when they spotted a mysterious man lurking underneath one of the tables during a crucial moment at the Masquerade Ball.

With his shiny bald head and unwelcome presence, he could even have been mistaken for EastEnders' Stuart Highway turning up in the wrong soap!

The bizarre blunder left fans joking that the surprise lurker was indeed the person who pushed Kim Tate over the balcony!

Did you spot the mystery man crawling on the floor? (Credit: ITV)

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The strange intruder was seen on his hands and knees behind Kerry Wyatt - clearly unaware he was in shot.

One viewer tweeted: "Jeez @emmerdale the person who is gonna push Kim Tate is lurking there in the background..... Not a great job at hiding though!!"

Jeez @emmerdale the person who is gonna push Kim Tate is lurking there in the background..... Not a great job at hiding though.

Emmerdale 'fessed up to the error straight away, replying to the tweet: "SUSSED! #BowToKim."

As Kim Tate's homecoming began to unravel, other fans complained about the camera work.

One annoyed viewer wrote: "Angles are making me spin. #emmerdale."

To which another replied: "Not just me then was starting to feel dizzy."

Fans certainly weren't complaining about the action-packed double episode, however, with the name Kim Tate still trending on Twitter the next day.

What a terrible waste of Champagne (credit: ITV)

After being pushed over the balcony, Kim survived the fall and was last seen in hospital being nursed back to recovery.

Ross Barton also ended the evening in hospital after being bashed over the head by a rock, but at least Simon McManus is now in police custody.

The big shock of the night was the apparent death of Joe Tate. He was punched unconscious by Cain Dingle, and seemingly finished off by Graham Foster.

While actor Ned Porteous has confirmed he's left the soap, many fans believe he's not dead and will return one day.

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