Lachlan White captured

Emmerdale: Lachlan finally thrown in jail – but is he set to escape?

And what's he done with Rebecca?

Emmerdale villagers can sleep a bit more securely now, after resident serial killer Lachlan White was caught in dramatic scenes last night.

The twisted teen finally had his horrific crimes catch up with him when police arrested him and threw him in jail.

But how long will he stay there for?

Lachlan White arrested
Lachlan White’s killing spree is over… For now (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday night’s double bill (6 September), viewers watched on the edge of their seats as twisted teen Lachlan attempted to cajole Belle into fleeing the country with him.

After managing to escape, terrified Belle – who had begun to hear voices again – ran through the woods and into a country road.

In horrible scenes, Belle was then run over by Robert Sugden and Ross Barton, who were speeding along in search of Lachlan and his hostage.

Lachlan White on the loose
Lachlan discovered Belle’s broken body (Credit: ITV)

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On discovering Belle’s unconscious body by the side of the road, Lachlan turned the gun on Robert and Ross – until emergency services arrived and arrested him.

Finally behind bars, Lucky was told that he’s facing four murder charges, GBH, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

But the evil teenager refused to give the police information on missing relative Rebecca, unless officers told him the condition of injured girlfriend Belle Dingle…

He taunted: “You’ll never find her. Not unless you give me what I want. […] Belle for Rebecca. You take it or leave it.”

Will the police wipe that smirk off his face? (Credit: ITV)

Will the police enter into a deal with the vicious villager?

While Rebecca’s fate is still unknown, and Belle’s life hangs in the balance, many fans believe it’s not over for Lachlan just yet.

In fact, a fair few viewers believe the criminal will escape justice yet again.

One said: “Do you think Lachlan will escape from prison?”

Another thought the same, adding: “Lachlan is arrested. What’s the betting he escapes for a final show down further down the line.”

A third added: “Expect lachlan will escape from the police and go on the rampage again.”

Bizarrely, some fans seemed to be on Lachlan’s side, with one writing: “I’m not gonna lie, I don’t want Lachlan out of Emmerdale. He plays the villain brilliantly.”

Other admirers admitted they “fancy” Lachlan, and even described him as sexy!

Must have a thing for bad boys…

In upcoming episodes, viewers will discover if Lachlan gets his wicked way with the police.

And, if so, we’ll finally find out what happened to poor Rebecca White.

One thing is for sure, even behind bars, Lachlan still has some more tricks up his sleeve.

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