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Tuesday 19th February 2019

Emmerdale: Has Paddy gone for good after that heart-breaking exit?

The vet broke down in last night's episode about his baby daughter Grace's death

Paddy Kirk made a heartbreaking exit from Emmerdale last night.

The vet left the village after finally beginning to grieve for his baby daughter Gracie after her death mere hours after her birth.

Paddy finally let his pain out in a tear-filled episode (Credit: ITV)

“I’m sorry I didn’t let myself think about you,” the vet said at Gracie's tree.

“I couldn’t, it was too painful. But I do love you my Gracie. Your daddy does love you.”

Later as the tears flowed, Paddy told Marlon he had to go away to deal with his grief.

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Crying he said: “I can’t stop. I can’t stop I finally started thinking about Gracie and I can’t stop.

“It was seeing Leo earlier jumping all over me this morning calling me daddy and it just struck me, I’m never going to have that.

"I’m never going to have that with Gracie."

Paddy fears he's lost Chas forever so left the village (Credit: ITV)

He added: “She was mine and I finally, finally had a child of my own.

"I am so lucky to have Aaron and Leo but she was mine and Chas’ and now I’ve lost them both.”

And with that he left the village but will it be for good or will Chas find a way to bring him home again?

Mandy will return but will she cause trouble for Paddy and Chas? (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were broken hearted by the episode and Paddy's exit.

One wrote: "Can't deal with paddy crying in emmerdale. It's breaking my heart."

A second said: "Im so heartbroken for Paddy and Chas. I don't think they will find their way to each other again #emmerdale"

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Another commented: "Oh God now Paddy is breaking my heart. It’s too much. #Emmerdale"

However Entertainment Daily can confirm Paddy will be returning to the village, though the arrival of his ex Mandy Dingle could bring abut more trouble for the pair.

Actress Lisa Riley will reprise her role in the New Year for a 'self-contained' storyline that will see her reunite with her family.

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