Emmerdale fans spot Moira's massive mistake as she leaves the village

Emmerdale fans wants Moira Dingle to return a ‘better person’ after her shock exit

Will you miss her?

Moira Dingle made the shock decision to leave Emmerdale last night, and viewers admitted they were sad to see her go.

Although many fans turned against her during her steamy affair with Nate Robinson, they have now expressed their hopes that the soap matriarch will return a “better person”.

Moira leaves Emmerdale
Moira will be back once she’s sorted her head out (Credit: ITV)

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On Tuesday (January 14), the farmer made the decision to leave the village to stay with her former mother-in-law Nana Barton.

After the aftermath of her affair left her marriage in tatters and took her down the path of alcoholism, Moira realised she had to leave everything behind to make amends.

Moira, you’re beautiful so sort yourself out and return a better person.

In an emotional conversation with her son Matty, she said: “These past few days, the things I’ve said and done – that’s not me.”

Moira leaves Emmerdale
Moira said goodbye to her family (Credit: ITV)

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She continued: “I saw Nate, Cara and Cain in the pub with the family and Cara brought up some things I’d told her – spiteful lies.

“I don’t recognise myself Matty, I can’t be this bitter and desperate anymore. Cain doesn’t want me and I have to accept that.

“And I promised you that I’d pull myself out of this and to do that I need to get away. Away from him and away from all of it.”

Moira has found solace in the bottom of a bottle after the breakdown of her marriage (Credit: ITV)

Moira then said goodbye to her boys, with Cain’s blessing.

She told then: “I’ve not been very well, and upset and tired, and that’s not good for anyone, is it? Especially not you two. I’m going to have a really good rest and of course I’ll be back. You both be good boys now.”

Once Moira had said her tearful farewells, Cain told Sam he plans to divorce her when she’s back!

And fans expressed their hopes that Moira can return and be redeemed.

One tweeted: “Love Moira. She so deserved better than this awful storyline. Loved how [writer] Maxine Alderton brought back more of the real Moira tonight. Will miss her while she’s gone #Emmerdale.”



Another said: “I now hope Moira comes back well, strong and back to her best. The slut shaming and being treated as a pariah needs to end. As does her not being able to see the kids. Once better that should change! #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “Moira, you’re beautiful so sort yourself out and return a better person.”

“Yay Moira is going away for a while. Hopefully when she gets back, she’s back to her old self and not the whiny, self-pitying, pathetic woman that she’s become,” said one more.

Will Moira return a better person? And will she ever reunite with her estranged husband Cain?

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