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Friday 6th December 2019

Emmerdale fans want Robert Sugden recast when Ryan Hawley exits

They can't bear to see Robron spilt up

Robron fans have been left devastated by the news that Ryan Hawley has decided to quit Emmerdale after five years.

Determined that the soap won't split up their favourite couple, viewers are desperate for them to recast Ryan's character Robert Sugden-Dingle so he and husband Aaron Sugden-Dingle can stay together and stay happy.

At first fans were so horrified at the thought of Robron being separated, they wanted Danny Miller to leave too.

Robron no more? (Credit: ITV)

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One tweeted: "I'm hoping for a #Robron happy ever after. Maybe they could leave together and then have Aaron come back down the line if the actor who plays him doesn't want to leave."

Another said: "So... I have no doubt a lot of Aaron/Robert fans will want Aaron to leave too and live happily ever after off screen so they don't have to watch them break up or Robert die."

A third agreed, typing: "I don't know about anybody else but seeing Aaron with somebody other than Robert is going to be almost impossible for me to watch, and currently the only reason I'm watching #Emmerdale is for #robron."

Definitely yes, Aaron needs to be happy and eventually adopt a baby.

"I can't watch them be parted again," sobbed a devastated fan. "I can't watch Aaron or Danny for that matter, with anyone else... The chemistry would never be the same... For me #robron are end game one way or another...ENDGAME  #RyanHawley #emmerdale."

Aaron and Robert will be parted (Credit: ITV)

However, Danny has pledged his future to Emmerdale for "as long as they'll have" him.

The soap star - who has been playing Aaron for over a decade now - revealed that despite co-star Ryan being set to exit the show, he has no plans to leave.

Robron are set to be split up following Danny's pledge to Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Hot TV column, he said: "It's been 11 years now and there really is nothing like being called upstairs about a big storyline.

"I'm still buzzing about what's coming up. I'm happy to stay as long as they'll have me. I'd just turned 17 when I first started at Emmerdale.

"I never expected it, I never trained for it, I just fell into it. I initially signed up for six months and I never expected it to last."

Danny won't be going anywhere for a while... (Credit: SplashNews)

Danny recently admitted he is heartbroken about Ryan's upcoming exit from the ITV soap.

He made a quip about his on-screen husband Robert's departure from the Dales, but soon backtracked when a fan insisted it is "too soon for jokes".

In response to the supporter of Robron - the nickname given to Robert and Aaron Sugden-Dingle - he wrote: "I'm right there with you, trust me. It's merely a defence mechanism to hide my true feelings.."

Ryan has played Robert since 2014, becoming the fourth actor to portray the character following Richard Smith, Christopher Smith and Karl Davies.

Don't go Robert! (Credit: ITV)

And now with Danny's confirmation he's sticking around, fans have come up with another way to save Robron: a recast.

In a Digital Spy forum, one wrote: "I don't think it would bother me if they decided to recast him if the actor said he was never coming back to the show."

Another agreed: "Well they have done it before. But it would be a lot tougher to find another actor that could play the part as well as the current actor who plays Robert."

"Definitely yes, Aaron needs to be happy and eventually adopt a baby - so recast and continue their journey," said a third.

Someone else said: "Robert should be an integral character to Emmerdale. The Katie story ruined him, but given how amoral soaps have become, I don't see why, in time, he can't come back. And if that means a recast, then sure, why not."

"I love Ryan as Robert but I wouldn't mind them recasting," said a fifth.

Will it be happily never after for Robron (Credit: ITV)

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Another commenter cheekily agreed: "Yes, recast, I don't wanna go back to seeing Danny Miller mope around on screen for months."

"I would love them to bring back Karl Davies," wrote somone else.

Although not everyone felt the same: "Time for a new character," said one.

"I never understand recasting adult actors no one is irreplaceable they can cast a new character and open up the storylines to other areas."

A second simply wrote: "NOOO!"

No details have been given on Robert's exit yet, but speculation is rife that it will tie in with his revenge plan against sister Victoria Sugden's rapist, Lee Posner.

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