Emmerdale fans turn on Kerry Wyatt as she sets Frank up for the fire that killed him

Smearing the name of a dead man? That's low!

Kerry Wyatt has done the unthinkable in the eyes of Emmerdale fans, by attempting to blame Frank Clayton for the fire that killed him.

Viewers were horrified during Tuesday night’s visit to the Dales (August 6), when Kerry was questioned by the police and tried to implicate Frank in the crime to save her own skin.

Well, the dead can’t talk… Or defend themselves in this case.

Kerry Wyatt questioned by the police in Emmerdale
Kerry was questioned by the police in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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As if Kerry hadn’t already lost any fans she had after robbing the factory in the first place and inadvertently causing the fire, there’s now no one left on her side after her latest desperate actions.

Viewers know that Kerry and her daughter Amy are responsible for the fire which lead to the tragic death of Frank Clayton.

While stealing the Wild West charity event money from the Sharma & Sharma sweet factory’s safe, they also caused the fire which left many of the village residents in serious danger.

Frank died after saving his daughter Tracy from the inferno (Credit: ITV)

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When Kerry was called in for questioning by the police, the twisted firestarter had to think on her feet – and chose a heinous path to take. By blaming Frank!

Asking Kerry about the missing money, DI Goldberg soon found inconsistencies in Kerry’s story.

When she accidentally mentioned that she saw Tracy Metcalfe going into the factory, the detective inspector was quick to pick her up on it.

He said: “How did you know Tracy Metcalfe was inside the factory after the fire had started?”

Amy suspects they may have started the fire
Amy suspects they may have started the fire (Credit: ITV)

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, and desperate not to implicate herself, Kerry quickly covered her tracks.

The factory worker told the persistent policeman that Tracy had gone inside the factory to find her dad – who was stealing the money from the safe!

Viewers know that Frank was a former convict, meaning perhaps that Kerry’s story might be easy to believe.

But those watching from home were disgusted that Kerry had tarnished the name of a dead man, who couldn’t defend himself from the grave.

One fumed: “Wow that’s low Kerry, framing a dead man – the man you killed because of your actions.”

Another said: “Poor Frank will be turning in his grave.”

A third added: “Lock her up!”

“Anyone gone off Kerry? What a cow!” blasted one more, while another said Kerry’s actions were making “their stomach turn”.

Others called her “disgusting”, “vile” and “deplorable”.

Credit: ITV
Kerry stole the £4,000 for the sake of her daughter Amy, who needed to pay Karen off (Credit: ITV)

After Kerry was cautioned by the police and released, even her own daughter Amy was horrified, disowning her and telling her she wanted nothing more to do with her.

Amy blasted: “We killed him and now you’re slagging him off? Lying to the police about him?”

Kerry replied: “I had to throw them off the scent, otherwise they’d be looking at us. I had no choice. I didn’t want to. But Frank… it can’t hurt him, now can it?”

Oof, tell that to his grieving daughters Kerry!

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