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Emmerdale fans ‘turn off’ during Jai’s coke-fuelled scenes, branding it the ‘worst episode ever’

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Viewers of Emmerdale have branded last night’s episode “the worst in the soap’s history” after Jai’s coke binge ended in disaster – and possibly Graham Foster’s murder.

On Tuesday night (January 21), Jai’s behaviour reached fever pitch as he relied more and more on coke to cope with the stresses of his demanding job.

Jai coke Emmerdale
Jai gets his coke delivered with his ‘vegan pizza’ (Credit: ITV)

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Seemingly off his face and wide-eyed with angst, the businessman almost crashed into soon-to-be-murdered Graham in his car – which resulted in a heated altercation.

Of course, Jai directed all his frustration and anger at Graham, blaming him for the near-fatal accident.

This has got to be the worst episode of Emmerdale I have EVER seen.

Graham, spotting the tale-tell signs of addiction, told Jai he needed help and stopped him from being able to drive away by taking away his car.

Graham dead Emmerdale
Graham ended up dead as a dodo later that same evening (Credit: ITV)

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Jai raged at Graham, blaming him for everything – and Graham later ended up dead.

But despite the dramatic nature of the episode, fans mocked the scenes, with one saying: “I laughed all the way through tonight’s episode although I’m not sure it was meant to be comedy? Awful script and totally unrealistic sorry! #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Hands up, are you like me, sick to the back teeth of this god awful soap? Adventure ground, what the fix, a few gazebos and archery target, at least do it properly. Can Emmerdale get any worse? Well it has, and my feeling is it’s going to get a lot worse.”

A third said: “Used to love Emmerdale but this storyline is getting worse by the day.”

“Not a Dallas-style Emmerdale again please,” pleaded another, while one more said: “Sorry Emmerdale, but tonight’s episode was one of the worst ever. Pathetic crap.”

Another agreed, typing: “This has got to be the worst episode of Emmerdale I have EVER seen, Chris Bisson acting was absolutely [bleep]! hope the rest of the week is better.”

The rest of the week concentrates on the other suspects in the murder of Graham. Will you be tuning in?

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