Joe Tate returns to Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans think show has dropped huge hint about Joe Tate

Could he really still be alive after all? Don't do this to us!

Emmerdale viewers reckon Joe Tate is still alive following a post from the soap on social media.

Fans of the hunky character have had their hopes of a return from the dead for Joe raised after a tweet shared with the Emmerdale Twitter account’s 1.25million followers asked a rather provocative question.

“Did you want a happy-ever-after ending for the two?” the tweet’s words read, accompanied by a pic of lovers Joe and Debbie Dingle.

Unsurprisingly, dozens of the soap’s most devoted fans responded in the positive – with many lamenting how relationships in Soapland rarely enjoy a happy ever after.

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But many others read a deeper meaning into the tweet’s query, believing it could be a hint that Joe and Debbie’s future together could still be resolved.

“Curious question considering Joe’s dead status” mused one, while someone else replied: “Maybe they are trying to tell us something…”

It may be rather difficult to bring him back, since millions watched wealthy Joe – played by Ned Porteous – seemingly kick the bucket in October after being punched by Debs’ dad Cain.

The sad storyline also suggested Joe’s fixer and father figure Graham Foster finished him off after viewers saw the fingers of Joe’s apparently lifeless body still twitching after Cain’s deadly blow.

Despite being devoted to Joe, tortured Graham had already been tasked with bumping him off by Kim Tate, accepting the gruesome job to prevent the young businessman being murdered in a more brutal fashion by someone else – but Cain got to Joe first.

So could Joe still be alive? Was his death ultimately faked once Graham recovered the ‘body’ from Cain?

Could Debbie and Joe receive their happy ending after all? (Credit: ITV)

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Many respondents prayed that this could be the case – and that this social media message was just the start of bringing Joe back to Home Farm.

“Even in a soap, there has to be some happiness,” reasoned one fan.

They continued: “There has to be a balance. This couple had huge potential and Joe’s growing recognition of the value of the Dingles as a family was sweet.

“Please bring him back! His exit was so cruel.”

Will Joe come back from the dead? (Credit: ITV)

Another begged: “I miss them too much as a couple and Joe was so caring towards Sarah.

“The programme is not the same without Joe. Please please bring him back and let them all be happy.”

And a third tweeted: “Bring Joe back. He wasn’t dead when we last saw him in the boot of the car.”

With a fourth suggesting: “Getting rid of Joe was such a big mistake.”

Several fans also tweeted their hope against hope that Joe’s partnership with the sombre Graham could also be revived.

Could Joe and Graham be reunited? (Credit: ITV)

Another speculated: “I have a feeling Joe is still alive, and that Graham has him stashed away somewhere.

“No way would he do him in, he means the world to Graham!

“I still think he will return one day, and Graham has taken everything over in his name and done away with Kim! Graham is too clever.”

So have Emmerdale dropped a huge hint or are they just playing with our emotions?

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