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Tuesday 25th February 2020

Emmerdale fans think Nate Robinson can redeem himself

Are there more twists and turns to come?

Nate Robinson seems to have burnt his bridges in Emmerdale, especially with his long-lost dad Cain Dingle...

And fans haven't been too keen on him either.

"Do you see me now, Dad?" (Credit: ITV)

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Just weeks ago, many fans of the ITV soap expressed their hatred for the farmhand who was conducting an affair with married woman Moira Dingle (they hated her too).

But some fans seem to have softened towards the character, after discovering the truth about his identity and his belief that biological dad Cain abandoned him as a child.

In reality, Cain was as much as a victim - unaware that he had a secret son with ex-girlfriend Cara.

Awww, we think they'd make a good team (Credit: ITV)

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Although Cain has disowned him, refusing to forgive him for having an affair with his wife, fans now think the previously loathed character could redeem himself in the eyes of his dad.

Because Nate knows an explosive secret about Amy Wyatt and it could be a game-changer with regards to Kyle, if he revealed it to his dad.

Nate could redeem himself in my eyes were he to dob Kerry and Amy in.

Viewers know that Amy confessed the truth about the sweet factory fire to Nate, admitting that she and mum Kerry accidentally caused the explosion which killed Frank Clayton.

Nate was dating Amy before moving on to Moira for 'payback' (Credit: ITV)

Nate also knows that Amy recently planned to flee the village with son Kyle without telling his father Cain.

Questioning why Nate is sticking around even though he's not welcome, some viewers believe he will spill Amy's darkest secrets in a bid to get closer to his dad.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: "Nate could redeem himself in my eyes were he to dob Kerry and Amy in."

Another said: "Nate, Nate, Nate, can you just tell Cain that Amy had plans to take Kyle away... Like now."

A third typed: "Nate go to the police and grass up fake Amy and Kerry #Emmerdale."

"Can someone remind fake Amy that she's in no position to judge anyone, considering she and her mother have literally got away with theft, arson and MURDER.

"I hope Nate tells Cain of her plan to abduct Kyle. She shouldn't be allowed anywhere near him," said one more.

On Monday (October 28), Nate dropped another bombshell when he told Amy that her mum Kerry knew the truth about Moira and Nate's affair weeks ago.

Kerry was the first villager to find out about Nate and Moira's shocking affair (Credit: ITV)

Kerry caught the pair together in the caravan last month, but kept quiet as she didn't want Nate to expose the truth about the factory fire.

Will Nate be dropping any more truth bombs in the village? We certainly hope so!

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