Maya still alive

Emmerdale fans slam Maya storyline for “anti-climax” as she gets away

Not the ending viewers were hoping for...

Some Emmerdale fans want to see Maya Stepney dead. Others want to see her thrown in jail for a very long time. But no one wants to see her have a happy ending with Jacob.

But last night (May 7), during the ITV soap’s much-anticipated flashback episodes, that’s exactly what the sick teacher was dangerously close to getting…

No, no, no! Maya has a worrying plan for Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers were horrified as the child groomer escaped the vengeance of Jacob’s mum Leyla and found herself in a hotel room – back in the arms of her teenage lover.

Worse still, she unveiled her worrying plans to run away with the young schoolboy.

After Leyla discovered the truth about Maya and Jacob’s relationship, we saw her exact her own revenge in the woods when she attacked her son’s groomer full of rage and hatred.

Leyla thought she had killed Maya… (Credit: ITV)

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Leyla believed she’d killed her nemesis, but viewers saw Maya was still alive having survived the attack in the woods when she was hit over the head with a rock.

In a violent showdown which pitted Maya against Leyla, Tracy and Priya, Maya at first claimed she was the victim of a sexual assault, however then admitted she was in love with Jacob.

During a showdown, Leyla told Maya: “You are going to regret every single thing you did to Jacob.”

Maya fought for her life (Credit: ITV)

When Maya claimed Jacob “didn’t have any complaints” and “couldn’t get enough”, Leyla knocked Maya unconscious by smashing her over the head with a rock.

Leyla then left a lifeless Maya in a stream, believing her to be dead.

But in a twist no one saw coming, Jacob hadn’t gone to see Alicia in Portugal after all, and he was later seen caring for Maya in a hotel room.

And those watching Emmerdale from home were furious as the pair planned to “go on the run” together.

Jacob is sticking with Maya no matter what (Credit: ITV)

One seethed on Twitter: “What an anti-climax. I wanted to see Maya get her comeuppance, yet she’s still with Jacob. They’ll be dragging it out now for weeks #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “Damn. I wanted them to burn Maya at the stake #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “I forgot how much I hate Maya. I wish she was dead but then I want justice for Jacob #Emmerdale.”

“Why is that evil witch still alive? Christ, I’m beyond fuming,” slammed another.

One more fumed: “No [bleep] way can Maya and Jacob get away with it after all that, this better not be the end #Emmerdale.”

Of course, producers on the ITV soap have promised that Maya will face justice – but when?

Tonight’s episode (8 May) focuses on Victoria’s flashbacks from the night she was raped, before returning to the present on Thursday.

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