Jimmy accused of abuse

Emmerdale fans slam Jimmy’s child abuse storyline as totally unbelievable

They say it's 'idiotic'

Jimmy King has been unfairly accused of child abuse, and Emmerdale fans are furious about it.

They’ve accused the plot of being unbelievable and full of holes – insisting Jimmy’s hands are far too big to have caused the bruising on little Archie’s arms.

Poor Archie is being bullied by Arthur (Credit: ITV)
Poor Archie is being bullied by Arthur (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Archie has been a victim to some disturbing abuse by Arthur, who sees him as a threat.

On Tuesday night (November 12), Arthur blamed Archie for ‘ruining’ his dad’s birthday and turned nasty towards the young boy – punching him and knocking him to the floor.

The nasty altercation came after Arthur told him no one missed his mum Rachel now that she was dead.

Arthur is clearly a very troubled boy (Credit: ITV)
Arthur is clearly a very troubled boy (Credit: ITV)

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When Laurel and Jai found poor Archie on the floor, Arthur told them he’d fell by accident.

But later, Jai and Laurel found more bruises on him.

If Jai and Laurel actually had a closer look at Archie’s bruises, they’d clearly see the fingermarks are way too small to be Jimmy’s. IDIOTS.

However, when they questioned Archie about how he got the marks, Arthur blurted out that Jimmy King was to blame!

Jimmy accused of abuse
Jimmy was horrified to be accused of abuse (Credit: ITV)

On Wednesday (November 13), Jai accused Jimmy of allowing things to get “fraught” and said: “Archie came back with some bruises. A little clutch of them on his arm.”

When Jimmy shrugged it off, saying “it’ll be the usual rough and tumble, they’re more like puppies than kids”, Jai shot back: “I think it was more than that.”

“What are you saying?” asked Jimmy. “Are you seriously suggesting me?”

Jai replied: “Laurel said I shouldn’t, but… This is about my son. He is shy and sensitive and he needs me to protect him.

“He didn’t have a mark on him until he went to your house.”

Jimmy accused of abuse
Jimmy insisted Archie didn’t need protecting from him (Credit: ITV)

But those watching from home made it clear they hated the way the storyline was going, saying Jimmy couldn’t have caused the bruising, and saying he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

One wrote: “If Jai and Laurel actually had a closer look at Archie’s bruises, they’d clearly see the fingermarks are way too small to be Jimmy’s. IDIOTS.”

Another said: “The Emmerdale storyline where Arthur (a child) is blaming Jimmy (a grown man) for the handprint bruises he gave another little boy is ridiculous.

“Surely Laurel and Jai can see that the bruises are too small for an adult’s hands?!”



A third seethed: “Arthur the tiny child and Jimmy the [bleep] massive bloke totally have the same sized hands #emmerdale.”

“What the hell? Arthur blamed someone like Jimmy, who couldn’t even hurt a fly,” said one more, while another added: “If they honestly believe Jimmy would hurt a child, they need their heads’ read.”

One furious viewer tweeted: “Talk about clutching at straws, stupid storyline. Little child finger prints versus big 50-year-old finger prints.

“Writers are bloody awful for this soap at the moment, no wonder all the actors are leaving.”

Nick Miles on Lorraine
Nick Miles, who plays Jimmy, talked about the storyline on Lorraine this week (Credit: ITV)

Appearing on Lorraine on Tuesday, actor Nick Miles confirmed his character Jimmy is in for an “awful” time as the child abuse storyline unfolds.

Talking of the dark plotline, he added: “It will rumble through up until Christmas. It is tough.”

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