Emmerdale fans slam drug-taking Ross for causing Megan and Frank car crash

Some viewers were left puzzled why the crash was not seen onscreen

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Horrified Emmerdale viewers have blasted Ross Barton for being a “pathetic junkie” after the troubled mechanic’s irresponsibility left Frank Clayton and Megan Macey seemingly fighting for their lives.

The recently-reunited couple were taking their new classic car for a spin in the countryside in the belief Ross had tuned up the motor.

But unaware the flash yellow sporty number was leaking fluid, Frank and Megan’s vehicle soon ended upside-down in a ditch with their belongings strewn across the road after they decided to see how the car fared with a bit of speed on the open road.

Ross, still traumatised from being attacked with acid, had stormed off while checking the car over after being playfully sprayed in the face with a water pistol by Cain’s son Kyle.

That’s certainly going to bump up the insurance (Credit: ITV)

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And instead of returning to finish fixing the car, Ross headed home to prepare for his house party – and get wrecked on cocaine.

Viewers were not impressed.

Ross’ mind was already elsewhere before he was sprayed (Credit: ITV)

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Not everyone thought Ross was entirely to blame, however.

And others found comic relief in Ross’ state as he mocked Rodney Blackstock for being old when he turned up to the party.

Joking he would have prepared music more appropriate for Rodney’s age, Ross seemed to mispronounce a Dame Vera Lynn classic.

Frank and Megan had no idea Ross had not finished checking over their new car (Credit: ITV)

There were also some fans who even found the crash laughable, complaining they didn’t get to see the moments of the prang itself.

Frank took his new car for a spin with Megan (Credit: ITV)

One viewer, however, thought the crash going unseen heightened the storyline’s drama.

The couple have only recently got back together after she cheated with Graham Foster (Credit: ITV)

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