Aaron Liv bloody nose

Emmerdale fans slam ‘disgusting bully’ Aaron after he hits Liv in the face

He's a very angry man right now...

Aaron Dingle’s anger got the better of him last night when he ended up lashing out at his sister Liv Flaherty – and Emmerdale fans were livid with him.

On Thursday (December 12), the village bad boy-turned-good-turned-bad-again hit a new low after he accidentally injured his sister Liv when she got caught up in his violent outburst.

Aaron angry
Don’t make Aaron angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry (Credit: ITV)

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Aaron continued his campaign to get Wendy Posner and her son Luke out of Emmerdale, and turned violent towards Luke.

Luke tried to reason with Aaron, saying: “Look, I’d happily go anywhere, but I can’t leave my mum on her own, can I?

“I’ve tried telling her, but it’s not going in. She’s still grieving, she’s not thinking right.”

Aaron lost the plot and smashed up Luke’s house (Credit: ITV)

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He added: “Aaron, I don’t want to fight. I don’t want any of this, it’s got to stop.”

But Aaron is grieving too – for his lost husband, his lost marriage and the happily ever after that never came – and took out all his frustrations on Luke and his house.

Aaron’s a disgusting bully and I thought he didn’t like men who abused or intimidated women?

After threatening Luke with a golf club, and smashing up his belongings, Aaron seethed: “When are you going to get the message? What’s it going to take to get rid of you?”

Aaron Liv bloody nose
Aaron ended up elbowing Liv in the nose during the fight (Credit: ITV)

Liv arrived in time to break up a fight between the pair, only to get injured herself when Aaron accidentally elbowed her in the face and made her nose bleed.

Liv insisted: “It’s only a bloody nose, I’ve had worse. It’s what you were going to do to [Luke] that worries me. So much for being a better person.

“I thought you got over your demons?”

To which Aaron hit back: “I have but this is different. You’ve seen what they’ve done to our lives. I never meant for you to get hurt.”

Despite Aaron’s apology, fans were furious with him and accused him of being a “bully”.

One said: “It is Wendy who is being stalked. She has done nothing wrong. She should get a restraining order against Aaron, he is a bully. Luke just needs to deck him, job done.”

Another said: “I hate Wendy, but I am sick to death of Aaron. Turning into a petulant bully boy. #Emmerdale.”

A third agreed, adding: “I feel sorry for Wendy. Aaron is a bully and a weak bully at that picking on a weak, vulnerable woman. It wasn’t that long ago he was a crying wreck for being bullied himself in prison.”

“Hate what Aaron’s doing to Wendy,” seethed one more. “He’s a disgusting bully and I thought he didn’t like men who abused or intimidated women? And before the Aaron lovers have a go, of course I know what Lee did is far worse than Aaron.”

However some empathised with Aaron, with one saying: “I’m really worried for Aaron, he’s very unwell and he’s lost without Robert and needs help.”

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