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Emmerdale fans say head Jessie should be expelled for constantly ‘skiving’

She took yet MORE time off this week!

Emmerdale viewers have slammed scriptwriters for Jessie’s continued absence from school – condemning the head for setting a bad example to her pupils.

Last night (Wednesday 13 February), Jessie took yet more time off from her job, which left fans totally confused about how the local school can carry on without her.

Emmerdale Jessie Dingle Marlon
Jessie ‘skiving” again?! (Credit: ITV)

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This time, it was the arrival of Paddy’s real dad which caused Jessie to forget her important duties at the school.

When wrestler Bear Wolf turned up at The Woolpack, it gave Jessie another excuse to skip lessons.

As she called in with a “dose of the trots”, ITV viewers called out the unrealistic way she never turns up at work and branded her a “skiver”.

Jessie loves a bit of drama, even if it means bunking off school (Credit: ITV)

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One fan seethed: “Day 473827473838 of Jessie taking a day off work because she feels like it. Cuz you can do that when you’re the head, innit? # emmerdale.”

Another asked: “Is Jessie a support teacher? She’s never in class! #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “See Jessie STILL isn’t at school that she is allegedly the Headteacher of Hotten Academy (or whatever her school is called #Emmerdale.”

“Thought Jessie had a school to run?” asked another, while yet one more said: “The kids are at school more than Jessie and that’s saying something #Emmerdale.”


Others slammed her for going into the pub with Bear Wolf, when A: She’d called in sick and B: She’s supposed to be setting a good example to the children of the village.

In fact, the whole Bear Wolf storyline did not sit well with many viewers who called it “unbearable” and “annoying”.

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