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Friday 6th December 2019

Emmerdale fans mock huge police 'blunder' during armed robbery

Their incompetance could put Billy in danger

Viewers of Emmerdale have mocked the police blunder in Monday night's episode of the soap as all the criminals participating in an armed robbery got away.

After Billy agreed to take part in the van heist with his old criminal gang, it turned out that he was actually working with the cops and had tipped them off in a bid to get Max and his cronies locked up.

Armed police caught Billy (Credit: ITV)

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It all went horribly wrong when the police turned up as the gang were robbing the van and tried to stop them.

But in a twist - and a huge police blunder - only Billy was actually caught, while the others ran off and got away.

the others - in high vis vests - got away (Credit: ITV)

As the police then told Billy they couldn't be sure Max didn't know he was the one who tipped them off, we cut to Max who had worked it out already.

If you want to be a successful criminal move to Emmerdale, they have the world's most useless police force.

With Billy and his family in danger later this week when Max turns up with a gun, it looks like the police mistake could cost someone their life...

Fans were not impressed with how the soap handled the intervention of the police.

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The police don't have the best repuation in Emmerdale.

Fans also mocked them when they were trying to find out who killed Emma Barton back in 2017, and they disregarded Moira's muder confession.

And their ineptitude when searching for missing Amelia Spencer last year also led them to focus on Daz instead of searching the real culprit. 

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