Emmerdale Robert Sugden arrested

Emmerdale fans mock blundering cops’ latest fail as Robert Sugden is arrested

It's a fair cop, guv! Oh no it isn't!

Emmerdale’s police force have come under unfriendly fire after making a series of embarrassing mistakes during last night’s visit to the ITV soap.

Fans have called out the blundering cops who were called to investigate the physical assault on newcomer Billy.

Aaron was originally prime suspect (Credit: ITV)

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Jessie’s son Billy has only been in the village a matter of hours and he’s already sent shockwaves through the Dales.

So much so, that someone tried to give him a warning by beating him up – and police officers had one prime suspect.

And it’s only natural that they would accuse Aaron – after all, the pair have history.

Billy has just been released from prison (Credit: ITV)

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Billy and Aaron met in prison, where Billy made Aaron’s life a misery, leading him to become addicted to drugs.

Freshly released and now in the village, Aaron has every reason to want Billy hurt – but it wasn’t actually him who beat Billy up!

In fact, it was Aaron’s loyal husband Robert. But fans STILL don’t think he should have been arrested, due to a series of police bodge ups!

Police investigate Billy's beating
PC Plods or PC Plonkers? (Credit: ITV)

After Jessie reported Billy’s assault in scenes shown on Thursday (27 December), two officers arrived at Aaron and Robert’s house to question them.

Believing it was Aaron who did the deed, they proceeded to ask him about his motives – until Robert could bear it no longer and confessed his own guilt.

But fans called out a huge problem as the police then arrested Robert… The police hadn’t even SEEN Billy’s injuries!



One fan typed: “So the police where going to arrest Rob without even checking Billy was actually beat up #emmerdale.”

Another blasted: “Ffs. They cannot take aaron or robert in for questioning because alleged victims mum makes a compaint. Mlst stupid thing ever. They would go to billy first #Emmerdale.”

A third wrote: “Strangest arrest I have ever seen without even seeing the supposed victim first they need to retrain their police.”

Other fans were baffled at how Robert didn’t have a scratch on him, despite a violent assault.

One viewer wrote: “Robert doesn’t get his hands dirty, couldn’t fight off Lachlan an 18 year old boy a few months ago but manages to attack a big lad like Billy without a scratch #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “We are supposed to believe that Robert, who spends his life being beaten up by smaller men, can suddenly beat up someone like Billy and not have a mark on him.”

Fans believe there must be a twist, but we’ll have to wait and see if they’re right – and if Robert will go down for GBH.

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