Emmerdale fans livid as soap breaks up only remaining same-sex couple Charity and Vanessa

Robron and now Vanity!

Viewers of Emmerdale have been left fuming at the news the soap is breaking up the only remaining same-sex couple.

On Monday (November 11), Charity and Vanessa will split up following Vinny’s revelations that Charity was involved with the casino heist.

Charity Emmerdale Red
Charity transformed herself to help Mandy and Vinny with their casino heist (Credit: ITV)

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Vanessa gives Charity the chance to tell the truth about her dirty dealings with Mandy… But, when she fails to come clean, Vanessa is gutted and ends their relationship, leaving Charity devastated.

And fans are totally distraught too – slamming the ITV soap for breaking up another same-sex couple just days after Robert Sugden filed for divorce from husband Aaron Dingle.

Emmerdale fans learnt last month that Charity is ‘the little mermaid’ who helped Mandy and Vinny scam the casino.

Credit: ITV/YouTube
Charity and Vanessa have already been through so much together (Credit: ITV)

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But, until now, the rest of the Dingles – and crucially Charity’s partner Vanessa – have had no idea of Charity’s involvement.

Breaking up Vanessa and Charity is cheap.

So when Vinny reveals that Charity is the one who has been helping them scam thousands of pounds from casino boss Terry, the family are left reeling that she could have kept something so huge a secret.

But no one is as horrified as Vanessa, who quizzes her partner on how exactly she was involved in the illegal scam… Giving Charity the chance to come clean about what happened.

Vanessa gives Charity the chance to come clean... But she doesn't! (Credit: ITV)
Vanessa gives Charity the chance to come clean… But she doesn’t! (Credit: ITV)

When Charity isn’t very forthcoming with the details, Vanessa realises that she has been lying to her all this time and ends their relationship.

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Later in the week, Charity explains how hard things have been since their split, hopeful that Vanessa might change her mind and ask for a reunion… But she’s set for disappointment.

Vanessa sticks to her guns and it doesn’t look like she’s ready to forgive and forget any time soon.

After the spoilers were released, fans expressed their fury on social media.

One fumed: “Emmerdale producers have no idea what hits with the fans. Breaking up Vanessa and Charity is cheap.

“All that work to create a great couple who the audience believe realistically love each other, just to break them up for a quick rubbish storyline.”

Another wrote: “The Emmerdale writers appear to be deliberately [bleeping] viewers off. They know we all like Cain and Moira and Vanessa and Charity together so they’re splitting both up for no reason.”

A third added: “Ok you already took Robron away from me now Charity and Vanessa like WTF?”

Oh no! What’s going on Emmerdale?” asked one more. “First Aaron and Robert are separated, and now Charity and Vanessa split. No! Say it ain’t so.”

Others have expressed their hopes that the split is only temporary… And that Vanessa will rush to Charity’s side when Moses is kidnapped.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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