Emmerdale fans heartbroken as Paddy and Chas exchange wedding vows


Emmerdale fans were inconsolable last night as Paddy Kirk and Chas Dingle declared their love for each other in the midst of tragedy.

It’s been a horrible few weeks for the soap couple as they’ve been forced to come to terms with devastating news about their unborn child.

The baby Chas is carrying has bilateral renal agenesis, a condition which means baby Margarita’s kidneys have failed to develop and she will not survive.

Chas and Paddy had Emmerdale viewers sobbing as they pledged their love to each other (Credit: ITV)

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Last night (Tuesday 10 July), Chas and Paddy decided to postpone their wedding day as they both continued to struggle with the heartbreaking prognosis.

However, the pair exchanged unofficial vows in the woodland instead – and fans wept as they pledged their love for each other and discussed their sadness at not seeing their daughter grow up.

Chas and Paddy etched their initials into a tree and swore their devotion to one another.

Paddy cried as he told Chas how much he loved her (credit: ITV)

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Paddy told Chas: “I love you. I’m your biggest fan and I’m your bestest, bestest friend… and every night when we go to bed and say, ‘it was the best day of my life’, I will really mean it.

“And I will be forever heartbroken that our little baby girl will never grow up to see how wonderful her mother is and how devastated we are that she can’t stay.”

Chas replied: “You’re my world and my protector and the kindest, daftest, most loving, adorable man that I have ever met.”

Paddy and Chas exchanged unofficial wedding vows in the most romantic setting ever (Credit: ITV)

Viewers sobbed as their watched the poignant scenes.

One wrote: “These Chas & Paddy scenes are breaking my heart.”

Another wrote: “Can @emmerdale stop making me cry. Not sure there’s enough water in the world to counter my dehydration.”

A third spoke for many when they said: “Omg. Chas and Paddy tho. One of the saddest scenes I think I’ve ever seen. In pieces. Wonderful acting.”

Fans are going to have to stock up on their tissue supply as there are more heartwrenching scenes to come.

Chas will give birth to the baby and have to say goodbye in upcoming episodes.

Prepare to be broken…

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