Actress Claire King has revealed Kim’s evil henchman Vincent will return with her when she comes back in six months.

Emmerdale fans have head-scratching questions about Kim Tate’s return

The super-villain is back!

After weeks of anticipation, veteran villain Kim Tate has finally returned to Emmerdale.

Fresh out of prison, Kim arrived in the village last night (Wednesday 10 October) and made her grand entrance at the Masquerade Ball being held at Home Farm.

Kim’s only ally is Graham Foster – but can he be trusted? (Credit: ITV)

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While fans were beyond excited to see the ITV soap star return, the residents of Emmerdale weren’t so keen.

And who can blame them!? Kim is like a grenade about to go off!

But viewers were left puzzled when several Dales’ residents had no idea who Kim was – including Charity…

Has Charity met her match in Kim? (Credit: ITV)

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Arriving in style in an expensive sports car, Kim declared herself the true owner of Home Farm and renamed the party her homecoming celebration.

Understandably, those present found her a bit aggressive – especially when she started to insult people left, right and centre.

Fans were puzzled as a furious Charity claimed to have no idea who Kim was – after all, Charity was with Kim’s stepson Chris.

Emmerdale fans prove Graham Foster is working with Kim Tate
Frankly my dear, I’m Kim Tate and I don’t give a damn! (Credit: ITV)

One said: “I am confused! Kim Tate wanted revenge on Charity and Debbie but they and most of the village don’t know who she is! Even I know and I never watched it back in the day.”

Another tweeted: “Wait, wtf, how does Charity (or anyone it seems) not know who Kim Tate is??”

A third added: “How is it that Kim and Charity don’t recognise each other??”

One made the practical observation: “I know Kim had left before Charity came on the scene but you’d think she’d have seen photos of her previous stepmum-in-law.”

Kim has only been back one day and already she has Emmerdale residents and viewers hot under the collar.

While her machiavellian ways lead to her being pushed over a balcony at the end of the week, some fans have been left wondering if she does a good deed after her ‘death’.

Is she dies in the ‘accident’, will Sarah Sugden be offered her heart (and will she even want it)?

One fan speculated: “Imagine if Kim Tate dies and Sarah gets her old rotten heart.”

Another said: “Does Sarah get Joe or Kim’s heart?”

A third added: “Just a thought but if Kim is killed off could her heart be suitable for Sarah’s transplant.”

Now that would be an interesting twist.

But DOES Kim die? And, if so, who kills her?

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