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Thursday 18th July 2019

Emmerdale fans have had enough of Jessie and demand Marlon gets rid of her

It's time he put April first

Emmerdale's Jessie Dingle is getting on fans' nerves as she continues to put her sons before her marriage.

And after last night's incident which saw Billy snap and hit Ellis after his brother wound him up, Marlon finally lost his temper with his new wife.

Jessie can't make her sons be friends (Credit: ITV)

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Jessie was trying to protect her boys, but Marlon, upon finding out about the violent altercation, lashed out - who knew he could should so loudly?!

"April could have been with me," he roared. "She'd have been terrified if she'd seen this."

"I would never have let that happen," Jessie meekly replied.

Marlon lost his temper big time (Credit: ITV)

Marlon get yourself to a solicitor and get a divorce!

"You wouldn't have been able to stop them Jessie," Marlon told her. "This has gone far enough I want him out of my house."

But viewers didn't think Marlon had gone far enough - they think he should kick Jessie out too.

They've only been married a few weeks!

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Jessie now has a huge dilemma on her hands after Ellis reported Billy to the police for the assault.

Which son will she side with? And will Marlon go along with her decision - or will he take fans advice and get rid of his new family?

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